Can You Be Allergic to Mosquitoes Bites

Mosquitoes – Can You Be Allergic To Their BitesWe all read about the West Nile Virus breakout in Texas, 43 people died and 510 cases of neuroinvasive West Nile, considered the most serious form of the illness were recorded. We were real careful when we were in Dallas that year.

Thankfully the majority people bitten never get sick on in these extreme cases die. They just itch and scratch like crazy for a few hours. Turns out some people are actually allergic to mosquito’s bites. Their immune system is reacting to the proteins in the mosquito’s saliva just like other peoples do to pollen, molds and pet dander.

Reactions can include skin blisters, hives, bruising and swelling that can last more than a week. In rare situations, some people may experience anaphylaxis or worsening of asthma symptoms after being bitten being bitten by mosquitoes.

We live in South Florida and love to be outside so we are not going to let the mosquitoes stop us. We just take certain steps to limit their ability to munch on us. Even if you are not allergic to mosquitoes, it’s still not good to let them chew on you.

  • Don’t stay outside at dusk because that is when they are the most active.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts, pants and tennis shoes when outside especially when doing yard work. We get attacked when ever we start to trim the bushes. Less skin means fewer places for them to bite.
  • While we are not fans of insect repellent you do need to use it. By wearing protective clothing you don’t have to get as much n your skin. Spray it on your clothes, hands and neck.
  • Don’t wear cologne or perfumes. It attracts them.
  • Dump the standing water. We get water in flower pots, buckets, bird baths, trash cans, toys, etc. If you capture rain water for irrigation use a closed system that keep the mosquitoes from being able to lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes are pretty much everywhere and you will end up getting bitten. They key is to limit how many times.

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