Food Allergies – A comprehensive review of how they affect our children.

How would you feel if all of a sudden you got sick when you ate you favorite food? You know your daughter is allergic to peanuts but got sick when she ate some chocolate chip cookies. Wonder why?

Many people are born with food allergies and other develop them at some point in their life.  As a kid I ate cold watermelon and cantelope like there was no tomorrow. Then one day at summer camp I ate some watermelon and my head blew up like a basketball and I had a real hard time breathing. The doctor said I was allergic to melons and he did not know what triggered it and maybe one day it would go away.  35 years later and I still can’t eat them.

We get lots of calls from people looking for answers, suggestions, tips and help in dealing with food allergies. This is a real problem for parents that have children that have food allergies. As an adult I know what to avoid, but children don’t and friends and relatives don’t either. They don’t understand that the child with the food allergy can get seriously ill by the smallest contact. They can’t believe they can get that sick by eating a chocolate chip cookie that was baked in the same factory as a peanut butter cookie. I had on customer tell me her son got ill from eating food that was packaged in a plant by a peanut farm. The packaging plant did not even package anything with peanuts but the allergens got blown in to the plant.

While we don’t deal with food allergies we are always looking for ways to help our customers. Recently we were sent a copy of “Flourishing With Food Allergies” a really good book about how to help children and their families live with food allergies. It is full of tips on how to handle play dates and birthday parties, making educated discussions about schools, piratical guidance about diets, allergen control and travel so many other helpful topics.

It provide you wonderful tools and resources and is a must read for parents of children with food allergies.

The author, A. Anderson, has two son’s that have had food allergies since birth so she knows what you are going through.

Click on the link below  to get more information.

Flourishing with Food Allergies: Social, Emotional and Practical Guidance for Families with Young Children

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