Hokie Science Water Filters – Water Myths

As an Aquathin dealer we had the opportunity to look at the many different systems on the market and listen to all the interesting claims being made by the various companies. Recently I received an email from Alfie Lipshultz, a friend and CEO of Aquathin Corp. that I would like to share some of it with you.

Over the last few weeks, we have heard from several Dealer’s calling about “hokie science” filters with incredible hokie science claims popping up in their areas.  You know all industries, regretfully, have their share of bad guys and buffoons…and so it goes with the water industry.  These dirty birds prey on those people who have little science knowledge.  Click the Water Myths button at  Aquathin.com – Learning Center  to get the low down on these exposed and debunked charlatan products, claims and goofy guys.

Friends, the “solid science” disavowing such “hokie” hype and BS is irrefutable.  And you know what else is not irrefutable?…the fact that none of these junk-pumpers have stood up to defend themselves in the open marketplace.   One other point you’ll find as I recently did; professional people including doctors, who are thinking about telling and selling this bunkjunk to their patients and clients.

The Water Myths is a super tool for you to invite your Customers to review on their own to get straight 3rd party “solid science” in addition to all the other “solid science” information we have supplied these many years

This is so very true. I can’t tell the number of customers that got ripped off by “hokie science”. I believe everyone should be drinking, cooking and bathing with clean and pure water. Please do your research BEFORE buying any water purification system.

Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause

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Dog Pet Beds…I did not know they could be rebuilt.

Yesterday a customer called that had purchased a crib size allergy
mattress encasing a few weeks back. She said she got it for her dog’s pet bed and
she wanted us to know it has made such a huge difference in the way her dog
looks and feels. She was so happy because her dog is better. Since I am a
curious person I had to ask how she came up with the idea.

She originally was looking for something to just cover her dog’s bed so she could add some more stuffing to it. The dog bed was old but her dog liked it. She also said it was not cheap when she originally bought it (we know, the dog pet beds we carry are not cheap but they are good) and could not afford to buy a new one right now. She could not find any replacement covers for pet beds so she started looking for something close in size. The crib encasing is 28×52 and she needed something that was 26×48 and had a zipper. Close enough.

So why am I writing this? I liked the way she thinks.

Here is a person who really must love her dog and treats it like family. Here is a person who was faced with a problem, couldn’t find an easy solution, and kept looking until she found a way to create a solution to her problem. This is something we all need to get better at.

Every day we help our customers find solutions for problems
related to allergies, asthma and the indoor environment. That is what we do.
Now I know you can rebuild a dog pet bed. Use a crib size encasing.

Wishing you the best of health

Mike Krause

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I’ve Got Mold..Yes You Do

The truth is you will find mold of some type everywhere and since I live in South Florida it is everywhere.  Almost everyday we get a call from someone wanting us to recommend someone who
can test their house for mold. They are worried that “toxic mold” is the causing their allergies or asthma to flair up. Now, we do have a couple of very reputable companies that we recommend for environmental testing but we like to get a little more information before we give out their information.

We will ask our customer if they see any visible signs like
wet spots, water stains on walls or ceilings or mold on any surface. Does the house or room smell musty or like mold. When we ask them why they think it is mold causing the problem most of the time they said they saw something on TV, read news article or got something in the mail telling them that mold is a killer.

Yes mold can cause asthmatics to have serious attacks, yes mold can aggravate or worsen some people’s allergies and yes mold can even cause death.

With that being said before you go and hire a company to
test your house, a very expensive process that most insurance companies will not pay for, do the things mentioned above. Trust your eyes and nose. If you see water stains, mold on a wall or smell something damp and musty then it needs to be checked out. There are mold test kits available for less than $10 that will let you know if there is mold present. For another $25 you can send it to a lab and they will tell you what type of mold, mow much and if it is within
acceptable levels.

Mold can be a serious problem but don’t let the hype cause you to waste time, energy and serious money.

 Wishing you the best of health

Mike Krause

Allergy Store

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