Kick the Winter Skin Care Blues with These 3 Tips

3 Winter Skin Care Tips
Got the Winter Skin Care Blues

Old Man Winter got your skin singing the blues?  Restore your skin to its spring and summer luster with these 3 winter skin care tips.

Winter Skin Care Tip 1 – Exfoliate

Great skin in the winter starts with getting rid of the old and encouraging the growth of the new.  Exfoliate regularly.  Exfoliate more than just your face.  Use scrubs on the face and body to stimulate circulation and cell growth and remove dry, dull dead skin cells.    Make scrubs at home with products found in every kitchen.

Winter Skin Care Tip 2 – Bathe Differently

Skin care in the winter is different than the rest of the year.  You need to use cooler water, pat your skin dry and change your bathing patterns.  It’s not necessary to bathe your entire body every day in the winter.   Avoid products with lanolin, fragrance, dyes,  parabens and formaldehyde.  All of these ingredients can irritate already dry and angry skin.

Winter Skin Care Tip 3 – Use Moisture Properly

Well moisturized skin starts on the inside. Drink water. Drink lots of water.  If you drink alcohol drink even more water.

Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing.  Pat skin dry and then apply a generous layer of moisturizer.

Apply moisturizer after you wash your hands; every time you wash your hands.

Use lip balm or moisturizer on your lips each and every time you go outside.

Keep moisturizer by the bedside and apply each night before you go to bed.

Pick a moisturizer that is skin-friendly.

Want to know more?  Read our entire article on Winter Skin Care and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions.  Winter won’t last forever.  Before you know it those short sleeves, short hems, and spring styles will be coming to the stores.  Make sure your skin is ready.

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