Allergies and How to Prepare for Summer Camp

School ended here in South Florida last week.  Parents and kids alike are starting to prepare for sleepaway camp. If you have a child with asthma or allergies, you need to know how to prepare for summer camp.

Prepare for Summer Camp -Food Allergies

Before your child leaves, make sure to speak with the director about any medications that will need to be administered. Also, if your child has food allergies, the time to discuss special diets is before you commit your camper and pay your fees.

Prepare for Summer Camp – Asthma

If your child is a seasoned camper, you have been through this routine before. Find out if they have a nebulizer on hand for emergencies or if you need to pack one.  Find out their Epi-Pen policy.  When out on a hike, who carries the Epi-Pen in case of an emergency insect sting? Critical if your child is allergic to bees or wasps.

Prepare for Summer Camp – Dust Mite Allergy

If your camper is required to bring their own bedding, you get an allergy-proofing break.

You can make sure that your camper is sleeping on sheets that you washed with De-Mite or Allergen Wash.  No matter who is providing the linen, be sure to send an inexpensive zippered allergy-proof cover for the mattress and pillow.

For campers, we recommend using either the SMS or vinyl.  You wouldn’t want to sleep on them every night as they are not the sturdiest (that is why we recommend them for the boxsprings) but for 1 to 4 weeks of sleeping at camp, they are perfect to use and then throw away.  Most camp beds are long twin, be sure to ask the camp in advance so you get the right size.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Read the label to make sure that there is no PABA, parabens, or vitamin A.  Same for the soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

While Your Camper is Away

While your little camper is away, take advantage of the time to do a good deep clean of their room.  Start at the top and work your way down, wiping down walls, furniture, doorjambs, window sills, and such.  Strip all the bedding and wash in De-Mite or Allergen Wash.  Clean the floors (including under the bed) and baseboards.  Don’t forget to clean any picture frames and wash the curtains.  Turn the air cleaner on high and close the door. Your little camper will return to a clean, fresh room.

When Your Camper Returns

Make sure that their bag and belongings stay in the garage until unpacked and inspected.  Bed bugs are tricky hitchhikers and you don’t want them coming home with your camper.

Summer camp is can be a great experience but…no matter how far you travel and how much fun you have…there is no place like home!

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