Are You Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You?

The Summer travel season is upon us.  In my last post, I covered what to do when your kids are going to sleep away camp.  In closing, I mentioned that the camper’s bags and gear should stay in the garage until they can be  unpacked and inspected for bed bugs,. No one wants to bring bed bugs home with them.

There is usually a spike in bed bug infestations during the summer months as our population is more mobile.  The more we move around, the easier we make it for the bed bugs to move around with us.  You can pick up bed bugs from planes, trains, automobiles, and hotel rooms.  You want to make sure all you bring home are memories and some souvenirs but no hitchhikers.  I say bring home memories, don’t bring bed bugs home.

I have come up with a number of tips and tricks to make sure that no matter whether I travel to the high or the low places, I keep my home bed bug free.

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Undiagnosed Allergies?

Got a great note from a customer today.  She purchased our zippered bed bug covers for her vacation home.  The real estate agent that handles her rentals suggested that the beds be protected against bed bugs “just in case”.  We hear a lot of that lately. And the real estate agent is correct. In the long run, it is cheaper to zip up the beds and protect them against bed bugs than throw the mattress and box spring out later when they are so infested with bed bugs that they can’t be salvaged.

But that wasn’t the point of her note.  She wrote to let us know that she just returned from spending a week at her vacation home and noticed that while she was there she did not wake up with a stuffy nose or a headache. Seems she has been waking up to a stuffy nose for so long that she didn’t notice it until it was gone!  Sounds like undiagnosed allergies doesn’t it?

The first night back in her year around home and the stuffy nose and headache returned.

She has never been diagnosed with allergy to dust mite and has been waking up stuffy for so many years that it had become a “normal” part of how she felt every day. It was only when she slept in the beds that had the zippered dust mite and bed bug proof covers did she realize that she didn’t need to suffer.  Her undiagnosed allergies were undiagnosed no more.  She discovered relief.

Needless to say, she will be purchasing dust mite proof covers for the beds at her year-around home and sleeping soundly and waking without a headache or stuffy nose. Now she knows she doesn’t have to feel that way.

We hear time and again from people that buy dust mite proof mattress or pillow covers because someone in the house is diagnosed with allergies and they discover that even the “allergy free” household members feel better.

If you stop to think about all the dust mites and dust mite feces that collect in your mattress and pillow, you know that it can’t be a good thing to breathe those particles while you sleep.  Even people that have never been diagnosed with dust mite allergy deserve a good night’s rest and they often find it by accident when they purchase our zippered mattress covers.



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Avoiding Bed Bugs When You Travel

The bed bug conversation continues.  People are really concerned about avoiding bed bugs, especially when they travel.

I have been speaking to many people that are worried about avoiding bed bugs.  Cheryl has been taking a lot of calls lately about bed bugs too. The customers she has been talking to seem to be concerned about picking them up when they are traveling and staying in hotels. We compared notes and she put together a list of the things she does to keep bed bugs out of our house.

Read Avoiding Bed Bugs When You Travel.

By the way, bed bugs problems can happen in the finest hotels in the world.   Don’t think just because you are staying in 4 or 5 Star hotel they can’t have bugs.  Be sure to check your room thoroughly, the only way to avoid bed bugs is to be aware of bed bugs.

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