Change Bed Sheets, Toothbrush and Bath Towels?

Doing some research and ran across this question on a forum.

How often do you change your bed sheets, toothbrush, and bath towels?

We have been asked these questions many many times over the years.  Mainly people ask about the sheet part. I must have been asked this question  hundreds of times over the years because many people really don’t know what to do, especially when they are allergic to dust mites.

We happen to agree with the idea that you should change bed sheets at least once a week.  Bedding needs to be washed at least once a week. We wash our sheets in hot water and DeMite every Sunday morning. If we don’t for some reason we can tell Monday morning. Washing the sheets not only gets rid of the dust mites and their allergens it also makes the sheet smell better.

When we are asked about how often other things like towels should be washed we recommend they be washed or changed every few days. We know many people who change them out everyday after they take their bath or shower. Towels really don’t hold a lot of allergens. If they are left damp for too long mildew can set in and your nose would let you know it’s time for fresh ones.

To be honest I never think about my tooth brush. When the bristles look a bit worn I go get a new one.

So how often do you change these things?

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