Crib Mattress Cover and SIDS – Can They Help?

A while back a customer called and had heard about SIDS and was wondering if a crib mattress cover was something they should consider getting. Could a cover prevent it? That is a tough question.

The cause of SIDS is unknown, although there are all sorts of theories.

Now some people believe it may be caused by the crib mattress. The general thought in regards to SIDS is that a newer mattress is more dangerous because they will have more chemicals off-gassing because it is new.

The truth is that all mattresses (except organic ones) are made with several chemicals, most notably fire retardants, that are not really healthy and that these chemicals off-gas during the life of the mattress.

Will a crib mattress cover help? I believe they will not hurt. A crib mattress that has been covered will reduce or eliminate the amount chemicals the baby will be exposed to. The mattress covers with the urethane membrane will do a better job of keep the chemicals contained. The other reason to use a mattress cover is they will help protect them from allergens such as dust mites as well as bed bugs. As I mentioned, some of the mattress are also waterproof and a dry baby is a happy baby.

Many doctors and researchers now believe that SIDS is not a single condition that is always caused by the same medical problems, but infant death caused by several different factors.

If you want more information on SIDS please check out the following sites

National Institutes of Health

American SIDS Institute

Kids Health

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Bed Bugs Are Bad Don’t Get Bitten By Bed Cover Costs Too

Just got off the phone with a customer wanting to know why our bed bug mattress cover for a king size bed was half of what the first company she called wanted to charge her.  She wanted to know who was ripping her off.  Bed bugs are bad enough, who wants to be made more miserable by overpaying for bed bug proof mattress covers.

She asks a great question.  But, the answer is not so simple though. First of all it is not my place to say how much another company should charge for their products. We charge our customers what we feel is a fair price for the products and services we deliver. It is a simple concept we have used for all the years we have been in business and it has worked. Secondly, there are some companies that try to play on fear to make a quick buck.  Having bed bugs is bad, some people are afraid and their fear makes them a target for the unprincipled.

Our past experience tells us that many of the companies popping up claiming to be bedbug experts will not be around next year. Sad to say but true. Look at all the so called mold experts that are no longer in business.

As far as the bed bug cover we sell, the fabric has been laboratory tested and we feel it is just as effective against bedbugs and allergens as any other cover on the market. Our bed bug covers for the mattress and pillows are made from a 100% stretch polyester material fused to a urethane membrane. Bed bugs can’t chew through it. The zippers we use are heavy duty and made where bed bugs can’t pass through. Our manufacturer is always looking at ways to improve an already effective product.

Many companies are selling non-membrane covers for bed bugs and to be honest I don’t feel comfortable telling my customers they will be just as effective. I would not use a non-membrane fabric myself if I had an issue with bed bugs.  Bed bugs are bad and I am not going to mess around with anything I am not confident will provide 100% protection.

There are several very good companies, the Allergy Store included, that will give you honest information, effective products at a fair price. It is up to you to ask questions and feel comfortable that the information and products the company is providing is what you need.

Dealing with bedbugs is a big enough pain as it is.

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