Do I Believe Allergy Control Products Work?

Yesterday was a really good day.  Not everyone can say that about a Monday, but I can say it with confidence. That’s because I believe in what I do and I know the allergy control products we sell are highly effective.

Seeing is Believing

I talked with several customer by phone and helped a few on live chat. More than one said it sure sounds like I believe in the allergy control products we sell.

Comments like that always make me smile. That’s because it’s true. And it’s easy to sound like I believe in the products we sell. That’s because I do. I really use the products we sell. I won’t sell a product that I won’t personally use. If you see a product in our catalog or on-line it’s a personal recommendation by me or one of our staff. If you see it, we use it.

Allergy Control Products in My House

allergy control products in my house
de-mite on top of my dryer

Every Sunday morning,  my wife strips the linens off the bed and pillows. We wash our 100% cotton sheets with the DeMite Laundry Additive. She has terrible allergies to dust mites and we are vigilant about allergy control in the house. That’s why all of our bedding is encased with dust mite proof covers.

We run an Austin Air HealthMate air cleaner in our bedroom 24 hours a day. There’s an Alen Paralda or Austin Air Junior in the other bedrooms. An Airpura keeps the air in the basement clean.

Go in the kitchen and look under the sink. You will find Skoy Cloths, House Wash concentrate, Vital Oxide and Envirorite products. There’s some Allerpet/C there too for when our feline allergic friends visit.

You’ll find the Zeolite products in the cat litter box and in our cars.  We spray our furniture

remove cat allergies with alleroet
Allerpet/c on my cat

with ADMS spray and the bedspread gets a spray about once a month too. When it gets dirty, we scrub the outdoor furniture with House Wash. The Vapamore keeps the tile and wood floors looking great.

Check out the air conditioner  and furnace. They both use high quality custom-made  air filters. Last but not least, our water is purified using Aquathin’s patented RO/DI process.  I refuse to drink  water from the tap no matter how safe the city says it is.

We Know What Works

I know what allergy control products work because we test everything extensively. Our employees use our products and participate in testing too.

You won’t find fad products for sale at The Allergy Store.  You will find products that have been tested and proven. I believe that if a product doesn’t perform, it has no value, regardless of the price.

No, I don’t have every  mattress pad and comforter we sell on my bed. But every one of those products has spent some time on my bed. Being evaluated for comfort, ease of care, and efficacy in allergy control.

I believe in the products we sell because I know they really do work. When evaluating new
products, one of the first questions I must answer is “would I use this?”  If the answer is no, you won’t find it here.

Do I believe in the products we carry? You bet I do.

Wishing you the best of health

Mike Krause

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