Do You Need An Allergy Mattress Cover in Winter?

I had what I thought was an odd question earlier this week.  A customer phoned and wanted to know if she should take her allergy proof mattress cover off her bed in the winter.  Perplexed at the question, I had a question for her, “why?”.
It turns out that she thought that if the temperatures were cold, the dust mites would not be a problem since they like warm temperatures. While it is true that dust mites like warm and moist spots (that is why they love your mattress and pillows) the cold isn’t going to get to them unless it is freezing.  I know it has been frigid in some areas these last few days, but even if it is freezing or below outside it isn’t that cold in your house. The bugs in your yard may disappear in winter, but dust mites are a year around problem.
You can keep your temperature at 68 to 72 degrees, but one of the warmest places in the house is going to be your bed when you are in it!  That means you are there as a personal warming device for the dust mites, making sure they don’t get chilly.  So it is crucial to keep your allergy mattress cover on your bed and pillow in winter as well as all other times of the year.
While you might want to take the cover off and wash it a few times a year, it is important that you promptly put it back on the mattress as soon as it is dry.   Once your mattress or pillow cover is zipped up, forget about it and let it get to work protecting you from dust mites and other common household allergens.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, you need your allergy mattress cover for dust mite protection.
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