FDA Approves Pill for Grass Pollen Allergy

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently announced that it had approved the first ever sublingual extract for people with grass pollen allergy.bee covered in grass pollen

Standard Grass Pollen Allergy Treatment

For years, one of the standard treatments for people with seasonal  allergies (grass pollen allergy)  consisted of many trips to the doctor’s office for “allergy shots”.  These injections were extracts made from the plants to which the person was allergic.  The shot would be administered,. Then the patient was monitored for reaction. If everything was great, they would return in a week or two weeks. The entire process would be repeated again.

New Grass Pollen Allergy Treatment
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With the approval of Oralair, now immunotherapy can be administered at home.  Oralair is a tablet taken under the tongue.  It is quick dissolving.  It contains extracts from five common allergy-causing grasses: Timothy grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Rye, Orchard and Sweet Vernal grasses.  If your grass pollen allergy causes you to be allergic to these grasses, Oralair will allow you to stop going to the doctor’s office for shots.  Instead you can take a tablet at home.

The first tablet is taken in the doctor’s office. After you take the tablet,   you will be monitored for 30 minutes. This is  to watch for any adverse reactions. If you experience no reactions or side effects then you will be able to take subsequent doses daily during the pollen season. If you do not have an Epi-Pen, your doctor will prescribe one for you. You must keep this on hand in case of an unexpected severe allergic reaction to the tablet.

You will need to begin taking Oralair about 4 months before the beginning of pollen season and daily throughout the season.  Oralair will only work for you if you are allergic to one of the five grasses included in the extract, so it is not for everyone.

If you are one of the estimated 30 million people in the United States with seasonal allergies then Oralair might be an alternative to those weekly visits to the doctor’s office.  It just might be something to discuss on your next visit.

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