For Once, The Government Has it Right on GOTS

We were excited to hear that the United States Department of Agriculture finally “gots” it right.

According to their May 20, 2011 Policy Memorandum,
organic products that are produced under the Global Organic Textile
Standard (GOTS) may be sold as organic in the U.S. and are not required to also meet National Organic Program (NOP) regulations (which are not as stringent or inclusive as GOTS) and do not require the USDA organic seal.

Organic textiles are currently priced at a premium because organic farming and processing results in lower yields. There are also fewer manufacturers willing to produce organic textiles because of the existing regulations.  Adding additional certification and inspection requirement over and above the already stringent GOTS would have only added to the final cost of the product.  This would have been passed on to us and we would have passed it on to the consumer.

Organic cotton sold in the United States cannot come from genetically modified seed, another level of protection, no matter where the cotton is grown.  That is not to say that growers of organic cotton in other countries use genetically modified seed, it is just that if they do, their harvest cannot be sold in the US and still  labeled as organic.

We are proud that our certified organic cotton allergy-proof mattress covers, pillow covers, and duvet covers are also Oeko-Tex certified.  This means they have been tested to contain no flame retardants, no pesticides, no dyes, no biologically active products, no benzenes or toulenes, no formaldehyde or any other chemical residues.  Bedding textiles come in contact with your skin and your skin is the largest organ in your body. Doesn’t it make sense to use products that aren’t chemically enhanced?

Natural Home and Gardens Magazine agrees!  We were honored to have our certified organic cotton dust mite
proof covers featured in their May/June issue in the article, Au Revior
to Allergies!

If you are allergic to dust mites and are interested in less toxic  products, we’ve got you covered….in certified organic cotton.


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