Pollen – Little Particles Big Problems this Pollen Season

It is getting to be that time of year again.  Spring is in the air for much of the country and that means the beginning of pollen season.
Pollen Season Cycle
The pollen cycle usually begins with trees in the spring, transitions to grasses in the summer, and ends up with the ragweeds in the fall.
The pollens that cause allergy problems are carried by the wind.  They are the very light, white variety.  The plants with showy flowers and big yellow pollens are not the pollen problems.  Those plants use bees and insects to spread their pollens.  The real culprit is the plain, nondescript plant that is using the wind to spread its pollen.
Pollen Season Masks
We carry several masks and this time of year we get lots of calls about which one will work best for pollen.  Pollen is pretty large, as far as small particles go.  Wind-borne pollens can range from 30 to 200 microns.
If you want a great mask for wearing while working in the yard, the U2 Sports Mask is great.  It will stand up to rigorous activity and filters particles as small as 18 microns.  That is more than enough for particles.
If you want a mask that is re-usable and light-weight, you might want the Q-Mask.  It uses the same filtering media as the U2, but is a lighter design.  It also stops particles as small as 18 microns.  If you have pollen allergies, try to stay indoors in the early morning and early evening.  This is when pollen counts are the highest. Of course, when you come inside it is best to shower, wash your hair, and change your clothes.  Those light-weight pollens will hitch a ride inside if you aren’t careful.

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