Why Can’t Everything Last Like My Austin Air?

I am mad at my microwave oven.    It is broken.   Again.    For the second time in two years.  I glared at it this morning and it stared back blankly.  It shows no signs of remorse or repentance.  Why can’t it be like my Austin Air HEPA air cleaner?

I don’t even use my microwave that much.  Its not like I ask it to run all day every day.  I don’t even use it every day, so it doesn’t have a high bar of performance over which to leap.  But like all things in life, you really don’t need it until you don’t have it.  I really needed it last night when I wanted to microwave an ear of fresh corn.

Microwave Corn on Cob – Yumm!

You haven’t had corn on the cob until you have eaten it steamed in its own husk in the microwave.  Just pull off the top layer of husk (top layer only!) and pop in the microwave for 2 minutes per ear.  When its done, the husk and silk will easily slide off because the corn will have steamed.  It will be crisp, fresh, and sweet..  Better than corn prepared any other way.  As long as your microwave works.  However, once again my microwave is broken.  My kitchen appliances are always on the fritz.  My Austin Air air cleaner has never broken.  My kitchen appliances should pay attention!

How I Ended Up with Crappy Kitchen Appliances

In 2007, we prepared our home to sell..  The real estate suggested that we get rid of the old reliable appliances we had in the house for years and years and update with new because buyers want stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.  We made the mistake of listening to the real estate agent and buying all new Frigidaire appliances when we updated the kitchen.  Just before the real estate market crashed……and our home value sank…and after a year we took the house off the market.

Frigidaire Needs Multiple Repairs in 4 Years

So, these appliances are 4 years old.  In that time, the dishwasher has had to have its main control panel replaced, the heating element in the oven has required replacing, and this is the second time the microwave has required repairs.  I am almost afraid to leave the fridge in the kitchen with the other rogue appliances because it might get ideas and start requesting replacement parts also.  Did I mention that these appliances were not cheap?

Austin Air Never Needs Repairs

But, in my bedroom is my Austin Air HealthMate.  I bought it in 1998.  I don’t think it has ever been turned off except to change the filter.  That unit has been doing its job without requiring my attention for 13 years. It never complains (like the dishwasher that sometimes makes strange noises) it just sits there and efficiently and quietly goes about its job of pulling in particles of dust, dust mites, mold, pollens, cat dander and fur, and general household dust.  I can depend on it every night to give me the clean air I need as I sleep.  I leave the house in the morning, it is running..doing its job.  I come home in the evening and there it sits, cleaning the air.

Frigidaire Poor Quality vs Austin Air High Quality

My Frigidaire appliances could learn a lesson or two from my Austin Air HealthMate.  Like how to do your job when it is needed.  How to be reliable and dependable and to act like an appliance…and that is work without complaining or requiring my attention.


I think I am going to have a serious discussion with my microwave.


Til Next Time!

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