How Our Mattress Covers Make You a Better Person

Everyone wants to be their very best. Well, most of us do for sure.  The Allergy Store wants to be the very best too. That’s why we sell the best mattress covers. We want you to be your best; so here is how our mattress covers will make you a better person.

allergies make you grumpy

Good-bye Grumpy and Sleepy

If your allergies or asthma keep you from getting a great night’s sleep, you can’t be your very best.

You’re just the grumpy and sleepy version of your best self.  When you put a  mattress cover from the Allergy Store on your bed you will be protected from all those pesky allergens that tickle your nose, make you cough, and prevent you from getting the restful sleep your body needs.

You wake refreshed; ready to grab your coffee and go. No one will mistake you for a cartoon dwarf. They will just see the real you, the rested you, the better you.

Friends and co-workers will thank you.

allergic shiners

So Long Shiners

Those dark circles under your eyes are the result of more than just missing a few z’s.  Allergists and immunologists refer to them as “allergic shiners”.

They are a result of the increased blood flow to the nasal and sinus area as a result of allergic reactions.  Those reactions can be triggered by the hordes of dust mites and other allergens in your mattress, pillows, and other bedding.

When you zip up your mattress in one of our mattress covers and seal up your pillows in our pillow covers you won’t spend all night breathing those allergens.

Decreased exposure results in decreased blood flow and the end result is an end to those allergic shiners.  The cosmetic company won’t be happy because you won’t be using so much concealer, but your true beauty will shine through – shiner free.

woman sneezingRemove Suspicion

When you face the day with uncontrolled allergies you head out armed with a plethora of tissues and an emergency backup hankie.  All in an effort to hold back the relentless tide of nasal discharge, watery eyes, and coughing that makes you look like a walking biological terrorist.  Those allergic shiners probably don’t help either (or the fact that you are grumpy and sleepy).

Tired of explaining that you aren’t spreading the plague but just have allergies?  Instead of defending your allergies, vanquish them.  Protect yourself with an Allergy Store mattress cover.  Put a protective barrier between you and the allergens that are determined to ruin your reputation.

Instead of drowning in a sea of snot each morning, awaken symptom-free.  Leave the tissues for when you really have a cold.   Instead of getting the stink eye from fellow commuters and co-workers get smiles. People will appreciate better you.

zippered mattress covers cover all sides of mattressThis was a light-hearted look at a serious problem.  Take control of your allergies. Get a mattress cover from The Allergy Store.

You’ll be glad you did

Do You Need An Allergy Mattress Cover in Winter?

I had what I thought was an odd question earlier this week.  A customer phoned and wanted to know if she should take her allergy proof mattress cover off her bed in the winter.  Perplexed at the question, I had a question for her, “why?”.
It turns out that she thought that if the temperatures were cold, the dust mites would not be a problem since they like warm temperatures. While it is true that dust mites like warm and moist spots (that is why they love your mattress and pillows) the cold isn’t going to get to them unless it is freezing.  I know it has been frigid in some areas these last few days, but even if it is freezing or below outside it isn’t that cold in your house. The bugs in your yard may disappear in winter, but dust mites are a year around problem.
You can keep your temperature at 68 to 72 degrees, but one of the warmest places in the house is going to be your bed when you are in it!  That means you are there as a personal warming device for the dust mites, making sure they don’t get chilly.  So it is crucial to keep your allergy mattress cover on your bed and pillow in winter as well as all other times of the year.
While you might want to take the cover off and wash it a few times a year, it is important that you promptly put it back on the mattress as soon as it is dry.   Once your mattress or pillow cover is zipped up, forget about it and let it get to work protecting you from dust mites and other common household allergens.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, you need your allergy mattress cover for dust mite protection.
Til Next Time!

Cover Your Mattress Economically – We Can Help!

If you need to cover your mattress economically, just let us know up front and we can help.  If we have to guess that is your goal it can take a little longer.  For instance, we had a customer with an interesting inquiry earlier this week.

She wanted to know why she couldn’t cover her mattress and box spring in the same zippered cover.  She had measured her box spring and mattress together and realized that combined, they were under 18″ deep.  She thought they would both fit in an AllerSoft Blend mattress cover that was extra extra deep.

We spoke for awhile about how she intended to get the cover on both pieces at the same time.  She was thinking that she would just lift up one edge of the mattress and box spring and slide the cover over everything at once. In her defense, she had never really thought through how the cover would actually go on or considered the actual weight of the mattress and box spring.  Things were further complicated when I discovered that she had a king mattress with split box springs. Now we were talking about how to get three pieces in one dust mite proof mattress cover!

After spending quite a bit of time attempting to dissuade her based on the weight of a king mattress and boxspring set and the physical difficulty of accomplishing what she intended we finally got down to the heart of the matter. She was on a limited budget and needed to get maximum relief with minimum financial investment.  I finally asked “What you really want is to cover your mattress economically, correct?”  She responded a hearty “Yes!”.

Now once we got the the real issue, a solution was not difficult and not expensive.  After reviewing all the types of fabric available, we agreed that the Linen fabric that is a cotton/polyester blend would suit her needs just fine.  She also learned that she didn’t need to put the same more expensive fabric covers on the box springs that she wanted for the mattress. We carry both vinyl and SMS as budget-friendly alternatives for the box springs.

The end result was that for just about $6 more than that extra extra deep cover she was thinking about, she was able to get the proper size zippered dust mite cover for her mattress and box springs and they would be easy to install.

If you need to get zippered covers for your mattress, box springs, duvet or pillows and are on a tight budget, be sure to let us know. We have so many fabrics available and are so familiar with each that we can help you maximize your budget.  In addition to utilizing vinyl or SMS for the box spring, we can also direct you to less expensive covers for the pillows that you don’t rest your head upon.  We can also help you decide what to cover immediately and what can wait if you need to work in stages.

If you just let us know, we can help.
Til Next Time!
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