Don’t wait to Start your Spring Cleaning

We recently shared information on Spring cleaning.  Now I know that many of you are in areas where there is still snow on the ground and a chill in the air.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t start your Spring cleaning.  With a little careful planning, you can get a jump on those Spring chores before the tulips are in bloom.start Spring Cleaning Now

First, consult a reliable source for accurate weather in your area.  That could be your local TV station or one of the many weather websites (weatherunderground, accuweather, etc) and find a day that will be sunny and dry.  I did an entire Spring cleaning in a bedroom in our rental cabin yesterday; and the temperatures never climbed out of the 40’s.  However the air was dry and the skies were clear.

Spring Cleaning  The Dust Mite Covers

First, take all the washable bedding off of the bed.  This includes all of your zippered covers for your mattress, box spring, pillows, duvets, and featherbeds.  Get them in the wash with some De-Mite laundry additive and your favorite detergent.

Spring Cleaning with Steam!

For your feather beds, comforters and other items that you cannot wash or do not like to wash you can use a combination of steam and sunlight to get rid of allergens and freshen these items up.  The high temperature of the steam and the power of the ultraviolet light will reduce the allergens that you can’t wash away.  A Vapamore steamer is perfect for this chore.  use steam for spring cleaning

I set up two areas for steaming:  one inside where I could hang the items to easily steam both sides and a second outside where they could hang in the sun to dry.  I used the fabric/upholstery attachment on the steamer to steam both sides of my Downlight comforter and featherbed topper.  The same attachment worked great on pillows and my two comforters that are not washable.  After each item was steamed, it went outside to hang in the sun to dry.  In addition, I gave each a light mist of ADMS antiallergen spray.  I couldn’t hang the pillows, but I able to set them in chairs!

Spring Cleaning the Floors

After everything was steamed and hanging outside, it was time to tackle the contents of the room.  I vacuumed the floor to get up any loose dust then sprinkled down X-Mite Powder to freshen the carpet and neutralize allergens. The contents of the room (furniture, wall hangings, knick knacks, etc) were vacuumed with the round dusting brush attached to my Miele vacuum and then wiped down.  Hard surfaces, such as baseboards, painted walls, and furniture were steamed with the Vapamore before wiping down.

By the time I had this chore complete, the washable bedding was dry as were the steamed items that had been hanging or sitting out in the sunlight. The zippered covers went back on the mattress, comforter, featherbed, and pillows.  Fresh sheets on the bed and then it was time to vacuum up the X-Mite powder and the room was complete.

Spring cleaning on a less than Spring like day.  It can be done!

Till next time

Cleaning with Steam

You may have had your carpets steam cleaned in the past. If you have ever had your car engine detailed, you know they use steam to clean the engine. Cleaning with steam has many commercial applications, but have you ever thought about cleaning with steam at home?

Why Cleaning With Steam is Green

Most of the times when you have something to clean that is really grimy or greasy or exceptionally dirty you have to pretreat or soak it in a chemical solution. Most of these chemicals are toxic. Almost all of them emit terrible fumes. Using these chemicals exposes your air and water supply to contamination. However, when you are cleaning with steam, you are using the combination of moisture and high temperature to cut through grease, grime, and dirt. In most applications, you do not need to use any chemicals. The steam itself is sufficient to dissolve the dirt or grease.

 Steam Kills Bacteria and Viruses

When you are cleaning with steam, you are not only cleaning what you can see but also you are cleaning what you cannot see. Steam kills bacteria and viruses on the surfaces you clean. Because you are not using a chemical antimicrobial, you are not contributing to the problem of “super bugs” or antimicrobial resistant bacteria. In addition to bacteria and viruses, steam cleaning will kill mold spores as well.

 Steam Kills Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

If you have had a bed bug infestation, cleaning with steam is one of the most powerful non-toxic weapons in your arsenal. Steam can get into all the little cracks and crevices of your headboard, footboard, and bed rails. This makes it perfect for treating your bedroom furniture and mattresses for bed bugs. After the steam has dried, you can put on your zippered bed bug proof cover and rest easy knowing you are protected.

Steam will also kill dust mites. If you have bedding that cannot be washed, steam cleaning is better than dry cleaning. Both steam cleaning and dry cleaning will take care of surface soil, but dry cleaning will not kill dust mites. Steam cleaning will kill dust mites. Steam cleaning may be an alternative for your wool mattress pads and duvets that cannot be laundered or dry cleaned.

 Steam Cleaning Household Surfaces

If you purchase a steam cleaner, look for a model that can clean more than just your floors. For example, the Vapamore Primo steam cleaner has attachments to clean your floors but it also has attachments to clean much more. Included with the Primo are nylon and metal brushes of different sizes and cloth bonnets to go over the the primo does a great job cleaning with steambrushes if you want gentler cleaning. These brushes can be used on your BBQ grill and tile grout. They are great for getting into small cracks and crevices, especially in the bathroom and around kitchen faucets. Also included is a squeegee you can add on to the clothes steaming attachment. This squeegee is perfect for cleaning glass tables, sliding glass doors, and windows. It will also allow you to clean your mirrors without streaks, lint, or chemical cleaners. Use the floor cleaning attachment along with a microfiber cloth to steam clean your kitchen counters and bathroom counters. You will clean and sanitize and your counter surfaces will shine. Steam cleaning is safe for natural and synthetic surfaces.


 Of course, steam cleaners are known as floor cleaners for good reason. A steam cleaner with a floor attachment and a microfiber cloth can make tile, laminate, vinyl, and wood floors look brand new.

Almost any surface in your home can be cleaned with the steam cleaning process, if you have the right steam cleaner.