How Do Bed Bug Covers Work? Do They Work?

How do bed bug covers work and do bed bug covers really protect you from bed bugs?  I just wrote a quick article about these questions. You can read it at How Do Bed Bug Covers Work and Will They Keep Them Out Of My Home?

keep the bed bugs out of your bed with bed bug coversSeem like we are getting this question a lot more now days. I had one customer that wanted me to promise her that if she covered her bed that it would keep the rest of her apartment safe. Had to tell her “Sorry can’t do”.  Even if you have your mattress, box spring and pillows covered it will not stop them from moving in. They won’t be in your mattress but they will still be other places.  The will hide in behind baseboards, in the slots where the bed rails attach to the headboard and footboard.  But we will promise you that you won’t get bed bugs in your mattress.  The rest of the apartment is up to you.

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