Wash Your Allergy Mattress Covers

Its time to wash my allergy mattress covers again.  Thank goodness it doesn’t need to be done very often.  When is the last time you washed your allergy mattress covers?

People often ask if they need to wash the allergy mattress cover every week, just like their sheets.  No!  What a hassle that would be!

How often should you wash your allergy covers?

It’s already tough enough to have the discipline to wash sheets, blankets, and pillowcases every 7 days.allergy mattress covers with zippers Can you image if you had to wash your allergy mattress cover every week?

We recommend that you wash allergy covers at least once or twice a year, IF you are good about washing the other bedding weekly. That is a big “if”.  If you don’t wash your sheets often, you must wash your allergy mattress cover more often.

Yes, it is a chore to get the cover off and on the mattress, but it is necessary.  I wash mine several times a year.

How do you know when your allergy mattress covers need washing?

Let your nose be your guide.  If you have an allergy mattress cover on your bed, it is probably because you are allergic to dust mites.  Dust mites cause respiratory symptoms and eczema.  If you notice  your symptoms are returning even with weekly washing of the other bedding, it is time to wash your cover.

I also wash my cover when I do the big spring and fall cleaning in my house.  I pull everything off the bed, including my wool mattress pad and quilt and steam everything thoroughly with my Vapamore steam cleaner. It is also a great time to spray the box spring with ADMS and wash the dust ruffle. Since the bed is already taken apart, it is not a big deal to throw the cover in the wash with my sheets.  Be careful not to overcrowd the washing machine when you launder your cover.  Most of our allergy mattress covers can be washed in water up to 140°F, but we don’t recommend it.

How to wash your allergy covers

We recommend that you wash in cooler temps with De-Mite (the product I personally like) or Allergen Wash. It is just as effective as hot water (even more so) and it is much kinder to the fabric. If you have a cover made  of the urethane coated fabrics, it is important that you do not use liquid chlorine bleach when you wash your allergy mattress De-Mite contains tea tree oilcover.  Bleach will damage the urethane backing.


Make sure that your mattress, your allergy mattress covers, and all the bedding is completely dry before you put the bed back together.  You don’t want anything damp as that could promote mold growth, not a good thing!  The best night’s sleep is that first night in bed after everything has been scrubbed and washed.  What a great feeling!

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