What’s the State of your Air Pollution?

The American Lung Association has released their State of the Air report. You can check it out at State of the Air.  You can even enter your State and ZIP code to get the air pollution report for your area.

I entered entered my ZIP to check my air pollution level and discovered that according to the report, the air in my area is not so good.

Well, I know that!  Living by the Everglades we have lots of molds and pollens year around.  However, I was fascinated to find out that those natural particles are included when they calculate air pollution.

So I guess that when we read about air pollution, the term includes both natural (like molds and pollens) as well as man-made (like soot and car emissions).  The page also gives the scary thought that 6 of 10 Americans live in an area with poor air quality.

Sure makes me glad that I have invested in my Austin Air Healthmate air cleaners.  I can live in one of those high particle areas and breathe easy knowing that my HEPA filters are capturing those molds,  pollens, as well as the household dust that causes my allergies.  My Austin Air machines also have carbon and zeolite to get some of those man-made pollutants out as well.Right now, you can purchase an Austin Air HealthMate and get $25 off the price by entering Promo Code AF47 at check-out.

No matter the State of the Air, Austin Air is there to help.


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