Can Sinus Infections Cause Eye Problems?

Sinus infections can make you miserable. Pressure, pain, drainage and difficulty breathing are classic symptoms. But can sinus infections cause other problems? Can sinus infections cause eye problems or stomach problems? The answer is yes!  Here’s why.

food allergies can cause headaches

Sinus Pressure and Eye Pain

Infected sinuses don’t drain properly. The mucous and debris that build up can cause a feeling of pressure and pain. If the infection is in the ethmoid sinuses (the sinuses located between the eyes) the pressure can cause pain that radiates to the eyes. Infection in the frontal sinuses causes a headache that can feel like it is coming from the eyes. Doctors often recommend decongestants to promote drainage and this reduces the pressure. The reduced pressure eases the pain in the area of the eyes.

Sinus Infection and Blurry Vision

Sinus infections can cause more than just pain in the area of the eyes. In fact, sinus infections can cause problems even if you don’t feel pain. Sinus pressure can impact blood circulation to the eyes. Disruption in blood circulation to the eyes causes sudden, patchy blurred vision. A warm compress across the forehead can ease pressure and reduce the swelling. This restores proper circulation of blood to the eyes and the blurry vision is cleared.  Sudden blurry vision can be a symptom of a serious condition and your doctor should always be consulted.

Sinus Infection and Stomach Problems

Your respiratory system should produce a small amount of thin mucous every day. That’s normal. The excess mucous produced with a sinus infection is thick. There’s also a lot of it. A lot. When it drains, this excess mucous can irritate your digestive system. Nausea and loose stools follows.

Chronic Sinus Infections

It’s not uncommon for a sinus infection to set in after a cold. Most sinus infections respond positively to decongestants and antibiotics. However, if you have recurring sinus infections that’s chronic sinusitis and that’s a serious condition.

See an ENT to get to the bottom for the reason for the infections. You may have structural problems that can be addressed with balloon sinuplasty. If you have allergies, get to an allergist. Uncontrolled allergies can lead to chronic sinusitis.

Don’t let sinus infections cause pain, eye problems or stomach problems.



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