Vapamore is Amore to my Floors!

Before we carry any new product, we rigorously test it.  The Vapamore Steam Cleaner was no exception.  During our testing, we discovered that the things it did well, it did REALLY well.  The things it did not so well, it did an OK job on.  The things it did poorly, it didn’t do at all.

I was so pleased to find out that one of the things it does really really really well are my tile floors.  Over the years I have used many things on my ceramic tile floors.  Most of them created streaks and all but a few required extensive rinsing.  Because I have so much white ceramic tile in my home, cleaning was an undertaking. For the last several years, what I found best was the vacuum the loose dust with my Miele Vacuum Cleaner and then mop with a dilute solution of water and M-1 House Wash.  When someone was sick, I mopped with water and Vital Oxide.

When testing the Vapamore Steam Cleaner, I was delighted to find out how well it worked on my tile floors.  At first, it seemed like an added chore to fill the steamer and wait for it to get hot. But I finally figured out that if I got the steamer ready first and then vacuumed, by the time I was through vacuuming, the Vapamore was ready.  Now I find it takes no more time than mopping….and I never need to rinse…and nothing feels better under your feet than a floor that has been steam cleaned!  See for yourself

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When Green Cleaning Products Aren’t Green

FBprofile1Happy Earth Day!

People talk so much these days about going “green”.  They look for ways to do more with less, to preserve natural resources, and cut dependence on petrochemical based products.  If you have had any experience with green cleaning products, you know that you can pay a premium price for a product that doesn’t work so well as the conventional product.

Sometimes, even if the green cleaning product works, it might not be so green after all.  I know I am not the only one that has picked up a bottle of one of the major brands of “green” all purpose cleaners (you know the generation) thinking I am using the best cleaner with the least minimal impact and ingredients.  But, have you ever actually read the list of ingredients on these cleaners?  Here is the ingredients in one all purpose cleaner:

Aqua (water), lauryl polyglucose, decyl glucoside and lauramine oxide (plant-derived cleaning agents), sodium gluconate (water softener), sodium carbonate (mineral-derived alkalinity builder), methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone (preservatives).
 Wow! Talk about a mouthful!  If you can’t say it….don’t use it!

I compared it to the list of ingredients in EnviroRite Multi Purpose Cleaner.  What a difference!  The Multi Purpose Cleaner only has 4 green cleaning products that workingredients listed. I can pronounce all of them. How does, water, palm kernel based surfactants, and vegetable-based glycerine sound for simple?  No preservatives and the last ingredient has the most complicated name “naturally derived alkaline builders” that adjust the pH.

This Earth day, keep it simple, keep it truly green, and keep it clean!  Use green cleaning products that are actually green!

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Portable Steam Cleaner From Vapamore

We just added the Vapamore MR-100 portable steam cleaner to our product line-up.  For awhile we have been looking at various portable steam cleaner models. After using the MR-100 to clean everything from the bathroom tile, windows, grout, Jeep wheels and a mattress we decided it meets our quality standards.

portable steam cleaners kill dust mitesRemember.. We won’t sell something we don’t use. We decided we like to use the Vapamore portable steam cleaner because it is easy and effective.

We found using steam easily melts away the dirt and grime, while removing germs and bacteria from the surfaces that you’re cleaning. It  is an economical and green thing to do.

When you clean with steam, there is no need to use harsh and toxic chemicals.  We were thrilled to find out that steam kills dust mites and bed bugs too!

Check it out.


Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause


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