Barbie and Dust Mites

Happy Birthday Barbie!

I just got an email reminding me that it is Barbie’s birthday today. I can’t believe I forgot. She was born March 9, 1959.  She is still looking good after all these years.  Ever wonder if Barbie and dust mites have problems?

I don’t mean that Barbie has dust mite allergies.  Barbie never seems to have allergic shiners; and my daughter’s Barbie dolls never once complained of a runny or stuffy nose.   But once we had a customer that thought she had a problem with Barbie and dust mites.

Barbie and Dust Mites

A few years ago, we had a customer who thought her daughter may be allergic to her toys.  She was especially concerned about her daughter’s Malibu Barbie.  She thought the girl would be devastated it she had to stop playing with her Malibu Barbie because of dust mites and allergies.

Little girls do love their dolls.  They also like to sit on the floor when they play with their dolls.

I reassured her that unless her daughter was allergic to vinyl, she was probably not allergic to her Barbie doll.  We discussed her daughter’s room and based on what she told me,  I suspected the problem was an allergy to dust mites and dust in general.

Dust Collectors in Kid’s Bedrooms

Her daughter also collected stuffed animals, had lots of books, drapes and carpeting. All of these are  dust collectors. For a child or adult with allergies,  the fewer dust collectors in the bedroom the better. Read rest of Article

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Portable Steam Cleaner From Vapamore

We just added the Vapamore MR-100 portable steam cleaner to our product line-up.  For awhile we have been looking at various portable steam cleaner models. After using the MR-100 to clean everything from the bathroom tile, windows, grout, Jeep wheels and a mattress we decided it meets our quality standards.

portable steam cleaners kill dust mitesRemember.. We won’t sell something we don’t use. We decided we like to use the Vapamore portable steam cleaner because it is easy and effective.

We found using steam easily melts away the dirt and grime, while removing germs and bacteria from the surfaces that you’re cleaning. It  is an economical and green thing to do.

When you clean with steam, there is no need to use harsh and toxic chemicals.  We were thrilled to find out that steam kills dust mites and bed bugs too!

Check it out.


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Tea Tree Oil – Dust Mites Don’t Care For It

Recently I read an article about Tea Tree Oil and it explains all of it’s benefits. For years we have sold a laundry De-Mite contains tea tree oiladditive, DeMite, that has Tea Tree Oil as one of its active ingredients and 1,000’s of our customers just love it. I know my wife washes our sheets every week with it. DeMite works great getting rid of the allergens from dust mites.

The article goes on to talk about using it as an earth friendly cleaner, athletes foot treatment, shampoo and deodorizer. We find anti fungal med either you like the smell, similar to eucalyptus, or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to the aroma of Tea Tree Oil.

One of the things I found funny is the article speaks so highly of the Australian Tea Tree. Here in South Florida we call them Melaleuca trees.  The county, state, and federal government have  spent millions of dollars every year to get rid of them.  They are considered an invasive and a threat to the Everglades.  They have even released specific bugs to try to kill the trees.  There is a rich irony that bugs are being used to kill trees that produce an oil used to control bugs.

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