I’ve Got Mold…You Do Too!

The truth is you will find mold of some type almost anywhere on earth.  I’m honest and admit I’ve got mold. At least I know where it lurks. Do you know where mold hides in your home?

got mold in the bathroomMold Mold Everywhere

Mold is everywhere. Whether you live in the south, the north, the midwest or the west. You probably have mold in the house. You folks in Arizona don’t think you have mold? Check the gasket around your refrigerator or front loading washing machine.  Mold is everywhere.  Almost everyday I get a call from someone worried that “toxic mold” is the causing their allergies or asthma to flair up. They want help.

inspect for bed bugs when you get homeHunting for Mold

So, the first thing I do is ask the customer if they see any visible signs of moisture or mold. This may be wet spots, water stains on walls or ceilings or mold on any surface. Next, I ask if the house or room smells musty or moldy. When I ask them why they think mold is the  problem, many times they said they saw something on TV, read a news article or got something in the mail telling them that mold is a killer. They are acting on fear.

Testing for Mold

Yes, mold can cause serious asthma attacks. Mold aggravates or worsens some people’s allergies. yes, mold can even cause death.

But, before you hire a company to test your house for mold, a very expensive process that most insurance companies will not pay for, go through the process I described above.  Trust your eyes and nose. If you see water stains, mold on a wall or smell something damp and musty then it needs to be checked out. There are mold test kits available in big box stores for about $10 that will let you know if there is mold present. For an extra fee, you can send it to a lab and they will tell you what type of mold, mow much and if it is within
acceptable levels.

don't be afraid if you've got mold

If You’ve Got Mold

If it turns out you do have mold, don’t panic. First, stop the moisture. Next, follow the steps we outline on How to Remove Mold. Remember, I’ve got mold, you’ve got mold, we all have some mold. Even if it’s just the rind on our brie.

Mold can be a serious problem but don’t let the hype cause you to waste time, energy and serious money.

 Wishing you the best of health


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Nothing Says I Love You Mom Like Formaldehyde

Mothers give their all to their children.  Loving them, nurturing them, teaching them, providing the physical, emotional, and spiritual care growing children need.

Mother’s Day is a special day, set aside to honor Mom, her sacrifices, and all she does for her family.  Some Mom’s are taken to restaurants for special meals, some Moms have a special meal prepared for them at home or at the home of a family member.  We shower Mom with love and gifts to show how much she means to us.

Some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts are personal care items that we hope Mom will use to pamper herself.

But did you know that many of the personal care items, even those “specially formulated” for sensitive skin or marketed as “hypoallergenic” are loaded with formaldehyde? The FDA does not restrict the amount of formaldehyde that can be present in cosmetics sold in the U.S.

Read the label of your favorite personal care items.  In too many  cases you will see it prominently listed.

Also if you don’t want a product that contains a formaldehyde-releasing chemical, you have to play detective and scrutinize the product label.  You can find these in shampoos, hairspray, sunscreen, skin lotions and creams, lip balms and even air fresheners.

Chemicals in this category include:

  • DMDM hydantoin
  • Quaternium-15
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Bronopol (2bromo2nitropropane1,3-diol )
  • 5-Bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane
  • Hydroxymethylglycinate

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, has designated formaldehyde as a known cause of several types of throat and nasal cancer.  This is the same formaldehyde that is used to preserve that frog in biology class and in embalming fluid!

So if you love Mom and want to show you care…..then why are you trying to embalm her while she is still alive????

Check us out. The Allergy Store carries skin care and hair care products from Vanicream that are free of dyes, scents, and formaldehyde.

Wishing you the best of health
Cheryl Krause

By reducing your exposure to allergens, you may be able to reduce your need for medications and visits to the doctor.  If you want more detailed information,  click here to download your free copy of Cheryl’s e-book” You Can Do It! Allergy Free Living”.

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What Will Kill Dust Mites?

If you’ve got dust mite allergies, you don’t want dust mites. But how do you kill dust mites if they are too small to be seen or felt? There are just a few ways to kill dust mites.

freezing kills dust mites
Dust Mite Magnified

Freezing temperatures kills dust mites

Dust mites can’t stand temperatures below freezing. You can kill dust mites by placing them in freezing cold. Put pillows in the freezer overnight and any dust mites in the pillow die. Of course, your freezer wasn’t really made for storing bed linens. The chicken parts and ice cream might object.

boiling water will kill dust mitesBoiling water kills dust mites

You can kill dust mites by boiling them in hot water.  Actually, exposure to water above 140 degrees Fahrenheit will kill mites. You could try boiling your sheets and blankets. Of course you need to find a pot large enough first.

Desiccants kill dust mites

Dust mites don’t drink water. They absorb moisture form the environment around them. It’s why they like areas that are damp. Keeps them from feeling “thirsty”. Desiccants remove humidity and moisture from the environment. Common household desiccants  are borax, calcium chloride, and silica gel.

Borax is the traditional washing additive found in 20 Mule Team Borax. Find it in the laundry aisle of the grocery store. Calcium chloride is the stuff you add to pickles to make them crunchy. Just read the label on a jar of Claussen pickles. Buy it where you find canning supplies. Ball sells it as “pickle crisp granules”. Silica gel is used by crafters to dry out flowers. You can find it at a craft shop.

Spread desiccants where you want to kill dust mites.

What really gets rid of dust mite allergies?

The problem with all this dust mite killing is it doesn’t help dust mite allergies. The allergens from dust mites are found in the body and feces. Killing dust mites doesn’t stop the allergen. It actually hastens the release of the allergen. Dead dust mites make you just as sick as living mites. It doesn’t help to kill them.

Zippered mattress covers control dust mites
Zippered mattress covers control dust mites

So what does help control dust mites?

Removing dust and dust catchers. Wipe down all hard surfaces at least every 7 days with a damp rag. This removes allergens. Keep dust catching items like knickknacks and books to a minimum.

Replace rugs and carpets where dust mites live and die with hard surface floors.

Don’t stick the pillows in the freezer or boil your sheets. Encase your pillows, mattress and boxspring in zippered dust mite proof covers.  Wash sheets every 7 days with De-Mite Laundry Additive, Allergen Wash, or 140°F water.

So forget killing dust mites, it doesn’t provide allergy relief. Instead, focus on controlling dust mite allergen in the home. You will sleep better and feel better.