Dust Mite Facts and Fiction

If you are allergic to dust mites it is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information (both true and false) in literature and on the internet. Just as you have to get rid of the clutter in your bedroom, we are going to cut through the dust mite clutter and sort it into dust mite facts and dust mite fictions.

dust mite facts Dust Mite Facts

  •  Dust mites are blind
  • They have 8 legs and are related to spiders
  • Dust mites have two gripping suckers at the end of each leg
  • Dust mites are covered by a hard cuticle that must be shed as it grows
  • There are two major species of dust mites (dermatophagoides farinae – commonly known as the North American mite and dermatophagoides pteronyssinus – the European dust mite)
  • Dust mites float in water
  • A female dermatophagoides far. will lay 1 egg a day for about 30 days.
  • The adult dust mite has about 19 to 30 days to reproduce depending on the relative humidity and the temperature of the environment.
  • The allergen causing protein is in the gut of the mite and is expelled in its feces.
  • Dust mites cannot be seen with the unaided eye. They are microscopic.
  • Dust mite body parts and feces are the major component of house dust.
  • Dust mites will eat the skin of other mammals if human skin is not available.
  • Dust mites love humidity
Dust Mite Fictions
  •  Dust mites bite
  • Dust mites are a sign of a dirty house
  • Acaracides are effective in killing dust mites
  • You can see dust mites on your bed
  • Dust mites live in your heating and ac vents
  • Only humans are allergic to dust mites
  • Dust mite colonies live in our clothing
  • Dust mites can be totally removed from a mattress by vacuuming
  • You can outgrow dust mite allergy
  • Dust mites cause mange in dogs and cats
  • Dust mites are killed by sunlight (just like vampires)
  • Dust mites drink your sweat while you sleep

It is important to know the dust mite facts because this knowledge is what will help you in your dust mite battle. If you know the allergen is in the feces and body and that mites float then you know you need to take special steps when washing your bedding. This is why we suggest the use of De-Mite Laundry Additive or Allersearch Allergen Wash in the wash cycle instead of relying on the heat of the dryer to remove allergens.

Another practical application from the dust mite facts is that dust mites will eat the skin from your pets. That means you need to keep your pet’s bedding washed as well as yours.

If you see some type of small insect on your sheets, you know from the dust mite facts that this is not a dust mite. You also know that calling an exterminator is a waste of money for removing dust mites from your home.

Hope this helps clear the air.

Help! There’s a Dust Mite in My Bed!

dust mites got you crazyOh No!  You’ve just learned that you are allergic to dust mites.  Even worse, your doctor handed you a pamphlet or handout that assures you that your bed is loaded with thousands of these horrid insects.  As you drive home,  you start thinking about all those dust mites hiding in your bed….just waiting for you.  One moment you live in ignorant bliss of dust mites, the next moment the blinders come off and the truth comes crashing down on you.  You have dust mites!

Dust Mites Don’t Mean You Are Dirty

Those dust mites aren’t in your bed because you are dirty, they are there because you are human.  Those dust mites just want the little pieces of skin you leave all over the bed.   As long as you have skin, you have food for dust mites.  Just a fact of life.  However, if you are a dust mite pictureslob, you will want to try to keep your bedroom tidy going forward.   The less clutter you have, the easier it is to keep clean.  The easier it is to keep clean, the better the chances are that you will keep it clean.  The cleaner it is the less dust and skin bits floating about.  The less you have of these particles, the fewer dust mites you will have.   If you don’t already know enough about dust mites, just click here to get some dust mite facts and fiction.

You Versus the Dust Mite

If just the thought of a bed full of dust mites has you speeding to the mattress store, cool your jets.  A new mattress is not going to solve your dust mite problem.  What will help is much less expensive and completely more effective.

Take Cover – Just get a dust mite mattress cover and some extra zippered dust mite covers for your pillows.  WOW! That was pretty easy.  You just won round 1 of the battle of the dust mite.  By using the special zippered covers, you will put a barrier between you and the dust mite allergens.  You’ll also be putting an end to the all-you-can-eat buffet that you were providing to the mites.

Wash Wash Wash – No, you don’t need to start washing your bed linens three times, but you do need to make sure you wash your sheets, wash your pillow cases, and wash your blanket at least once a week.  Round 2 of the battle of the dust mite is staying on top of all new allergens that come into the bed once you have the zippered covers in place.  Wash in hot water (140°F) or add a little De-Mite or some Allergen Wash if you don’t want to use hot water.

Breathe Deep – Still feeling panicked?  Don’t let the thought of dust mites bring on a panic attack.  Calmly dial 1-800-771-2246 and ask to speak to an Allergy Store allergy specialist.  We can walk you through the steps to vanquishing the dust mite.

We’ve been helping people banish dust mites since 1989.  We can help you too!

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Dust Mites Not Making Allergy Season Any Easier

2014 is turning out to be a really nasty year for allergies.

Dust mites making allergy season harderEarlier today I was talking to someone in North Florida who is having such a bad time with his mold and pollen allergies. He told me when he works outside for an hour or two his head gets all stopped up and his eyes burn so bad he has a hard time seeing. He was pretty upset that his doctor could not just give him a shot to make things better.

Yesterday afternoon I was helping a customer in California who just got diagnosed with dust mite allergies. She said it was not a problem until she had to close up the house and turn her ac on. All of a sudden she would wake up feeling like she got hit by a train. We hear that a lot because the concentration of dust mite allergens seem to rise once you close up the house.

An article today on WTOP Living did a pretty good job of explaining the problem. They interviewed Dr. Rachel Schreiber, an allergist with the Family HealthCare Allergy and Asthma Specialists in Germantown, MD.

Dust mites are year-round allergens so that could be accounting for symptoms this time of year,” Schreiber says.

The article also said Dr. Schreiber said the parasites are present in all homes and can be found in mattresses, pillows, carpeting and other places. Dust mites are not harmful, but can be a pain if you’re allergic to them. The article also gave tips from the Mayo Clinic on how best to avoid the allergens from dust mites. Read complete article.

I wish we could say it will get better but it looks like it is going to continue to be a tough allergy season for all of us. We have our house as allergy proof as we can get it and we are still taking our Claritin.

Wishing you the best of health


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