I Knew It … HEPA Air Cleaners are Good for You

For as long as I can remember we have told our clients that breathing clean air is a good thing even if you don’t suffer from allergies. It has always amazed me that so many people will be so concerned about what they eat, drink and wear yet never give a second thought to the air they are sucking into their lungs. They see the value in organic produce but not in HEPA air cleaners.  This morning I read a report from New York (CBS 2)

“To reduce the chance of having a heart attack, doctors tell us to lower our cholesterol and blood pressure, exercise more and eat less fat. Now a study says a simple device many of us already have might also help prevent heart attacks, Dr. Max Gomez reports.
The device is an air filter, but not just any air filter. It is a special type called a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or as you probably know it: a HEPA filter.”

With all the pollen, dust, grass, mold spores, pet dander, dust mite and other allergens floating in the air it is no surprise that they have figured out that bad air is bad for the heart.. We know first hand that a good HEPA air cleaner will help you feel better.. We run our Austin Air HEPA air cleaners 24/7 here at the office and at home and can tell the difference if one gets turned off.

Not too long ago, I went into a spare bedroom where the air cleaner had been unplugged and the room did not smell as clean and it was dustier than normal. You could see the dust particles floating in the air when I looked towards the window. The stuff floating is what I was breathing.

Clean air is a good thing.
Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause
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