Best Dust Mask for Trail Riding

Mu2 Sprt Mask
Mu2 Sprt Mask

I don’t ride ATV’s or dirt bikes or participate in motocross events.  But have talked to lots of people that do. Riding all terrain vehicles (ATVs) is a very popular pastime. The first models were released in the 1960’s and the first 4 wheeler came out in 1983.  People tell me they like being outdoors, riding in different terrain, and seeing our beautiful countryside.

One of the big problems people face is the amount of dust kicked up on the trails. They are looking for something that will keep them from breathing dust, but not be so hot they can’t stand it.  Fitting comfortably under a helmet is a plus. I hear stories of all sorts of things they have tried. Everything from respirators to plain bandanas.

How do I hear these stories? Well, it turns out that our U2 Sports Mask is a big hit with the trail riders.  The mask combines the same material used to make the Q-Mask in a neoprene covering that allows the mask to cover both the nose and mouth without restricting airflow.

Because particles hit the “filtering” material and bounce off, it doesn’t clog up and won’t get hot under the mask.  The neoprene and filtering material are both thin, so the mask straps fit comfortably under a helmet.  These benefits make the Sport Mask  the best mask for off roading.

Best dust mask for trail ridingWe originally sold the U2 mask thinking that people that ride bicycles needed a way to keep molds and pollen out of their respiratory system during their excursions.

I liked the mask, because one of my favorite bike riding routes goes past some wetlands that can be full of gnats and other small flying insects.  While you can keep your mouth closed, you still have to breathe through your nose and I inevitably inhaled a bug or two every time: one of the grossest feelings in the world!

The U2 mask looked perfect for biking and it was. It allowed me to ride without being exposed to pollens and molds, without restricting my airflow and kept the bugs out of my nose and mouth, all at the same time.  As far as I was concerned it was the perfect bike riding mask.

Once we put them out on the internet, ATVers started snapping them up.  Seems they had the same needs as the bikers for a great, comfortable mask.

As one of our customers said, “I can follow my buddy on the trail now without eating his dust”. So next time the rider in front of you says “Eat My Dust” just put on your U2 Sports Mask and reply “I don’t think so”!

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