How to Measure for Dust Mite Covers

Today brought questions from two different customers about what size dust mite cover they should purchase.  People frequently ask how to measure for dust mite covers.

The first gentleman had a mattress that was 10″ deep and wasn’t sure if he should buy the 9″ dust mite cover or the 12″ dust mite cover.  He was trying to save a little money (aren’t we all) and didn’t want to buy the deeper cover if he didn’t need it.measure dust mite covers properly for best fit

I asked him to verify his measurements, measuring from the bottom of the mattress to the top side of the mattress. Turns out it was a little over 10″ deep.

He did the right thing by purchasing the 12″ deep dust mite cover.  Your dust mite cover can have 2 to 3 extra inches in depth and still give a good fit. Just tuck the extra fabric under the corner and it will be held in place by your fitted sheet. You don’t want to buy a dust mite cover that is so tight it strains the seams and that you tear either the fabric, the seam, or the zipper in the dust mite cover just trying to get it on!

The second customer was a lady that wanted to know if she could measure for her dust mite cover by measuring the mattress and boxspring together.  Aside from the fact that she would have needed a dust mite cover over 20″ inches deep….she would have never been able to get both a boxspring and a mattress in one dust mite cover.

We suggested that she use the SMS fabric on her boxsprings.  It saved her some money and she will get all the protection she needs from a dust mite cover for her boxspring without the vinyl smell.

If you are ever unsure as to what size to purchase, just get out your measuring tape and then give us a call.  We will be glad to help you measure for dust mite covers.

Cheryl Krause

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