Eliminate Dust Mites – Warfare Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about killing dust mites as a form of warfare.

Today, we talk about the feasibility of eliminating dust mites.  As discussed in killing dust mites, the only way to really kill the dust mites in your mattress, boxspring, and pillow is to starve them to death by cutting off their food source through the use of a zippered dust mite proof cover.

So how can you eliminate dust mites?  If you can get it in the washing machine, you can wash them away! Now, regular washing won’t eliminate dust mites and their allergens.  The water in your “hot tub” of a washing machine would have to be 140° F to kill the dust mite and eliminate the allergen.  Most hot water heaters are not set at a temperature that high for safety reasons.  At temperatures that would eliminate dust mites, you would scald yourself in the kitchen or bathroom.  Such a bad idea!

So how can you eliminate dust mites without causing bodily harm to you or your family members?  De-Mite or Allergen Wash!

De-Mite Laundry Additive contains tea tree oil, oil of wintergreen and benzyl benzoate. It will safely eliminate dust mites from anything you can safely wash in the washing machine.  By using De-Mite you can eliminate dust mites from your bedding by washing in warm or cold water. Not only will you eliminate dust mites, you will save on energy costs by using cooler water temperatures. Allersearch Allergen Wash utilizes super surfactant agents and ACARIL to eliminate all allergens from bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, towels and rugs.  Once again, if you can get it in the washing machine, Allergen Wash will eliminate the dust mites while removing soil.

The big difference between eliminating allergens and dust mites with De-Mite and eliminating with Allergen Wash is how they work.  The Allergen Wash surfactants remove soil and allergens and the ACARIL will denature anything left behind.  The De-Mite is an additive that must be used in conjunction with your detergent to eliminate dust mites.  De-Mite does not contain surfactants (those are those soap things). It will not eliminate soil. However, it will eliminate the dust mites, so use it with your own laundry detergent (we like the Envirorite Clearly Clean) and eliminate those dust mites!

Til next time.

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