New Use For An Old Dust Mite Pillow Cover

I am always interested to find people using allergy control products in unusual ways.  We had a customer that was extremely allergic to mango pollen and she lived in an area of Jamaica that was loaded with mango trees.  The pollen gave her fits.

She absolutely swore that mopping the floors with De-Mite did more to control the pollen in her house that mopping with any other solution.  As long as she lived in Jamaica, she mopped with De-Mite. I just learned a great new use for an old dust mite pillow cover.

Dust Mite Pillow Cover New Use #1
use dust mite pillow cover to protect your tea pot
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This past Easter Sunday, I found someone in my church using a zippered dust mite pillow cover as a cover for her dish at the potluck breakfast.   I had to laugh and asked her what on earth she was doing.

She told me that several years prior to her becoming knowledgeable about what makes a good zippered dust mite cover, she purchased some very inexpensive covers made of SMS material.

As you can imagine, she quickly discovered that SMS is not a great fabric for any piece of bedding upon which you directly sleep.  She found it to be loud and hot.  I told her that we love SMS box spring covers, but we do not even sell a dust mite pillow cover made from SMS because it just is not comfortable

She told me how much happier she was with the all-cotton dust mite pillow covers that she purchased from The Allergy Store but she hated to get rid of the old covers.  So, she started using them to carry hot or cold dishes to potluck meals.

She said they are great because whether your dish is hot or cold, it will not hurt the seat of your car.  In addition, even if the contents escape the plastic wrap or aluminum foil covers it will not splash in the car and create a mess.

Dust Mite Pillow Cover New Use #2

dust mite pillow covers have many usesShe also shared that she uses the old SMS dust mite pillow covers to store some of her serving dishes.  Instead of buying special protective covers for her special serving dishes and nice dinnerware, she put the zippered covers she was not using to a new use.

The covers keep her dishes protected from chipping and keep them dust-free.  This is important if you have a dish you don’t use very often and want to protect,

I have to admit this was one weird use for a zippered pillow encasement!  So if you have some zippered dust mite pillow covers that you don’t think are very comfortable, you might want to consider replacing them with some of our AllergyCare 100% Cotton covers and don’t throw away those uncomfortable covers, use them for dish carriers.

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Do You Need To Cover All Pillows

A lovely young couple was in the store last week.  He had just been diagnosed with allergy to dust mites.  The doctor had sent them to us right away with instructions for allergy-proofing their bedroom.

They were on a tight budget (aren’t we all) and were looking to spend where they would get the most bang for their buck.

He asked why it was necessary to cover all pillows on the bed with a dust mite proof pillow cover, not just the one he slept on.  It is a very common question.  I mean if you aren’t sleeping on it why must it be covered?  Why do you have to cover all pillows to get allergy relief?

In order to answer the question, you have to understand how you are exposed to dust mites.  These microscopic creatures and their feces are in your mattress, pillow, and comforters.  Every time someone moves on the bed, a cloud of microscopic particles is blown into the air and the allergic person inhales these particles.  So, if person A (the person with allergies) is laying in bed with their covered pillow and person B is laying on the bed with a pillow that is not covered, every time person B moves, they will send up a cloud of particles that will rain down on person A.  Person A is not protected from B’s allergens.

The other scenario is that you sleep on two or more pillows.  If you only cover the pillow on which you lay your head, every time you move your head the other pillows release their cloud, right there by your head.

What I recommended to this couple was something I do myself.   The pillows that are used to cradle the head are the pillows where you put the most expensive and comfortable covers.  For example, if you have 6 pillows on the bed (1 for each person’s head, 1 to go under each person’s sleeping pillow, and 2 for decorative shams) then the pillows that are used for sleeping should have a microweave pillow encasement made from Pristine Luxury or AllergCare Cotton.  The other pillows can be encased with coated fabrics like the Bed Bug Solution fabric, which are totally effective just less expensive.  That way you can cover all pillows and stretch your allergy control dollar.

Just another way to get the protection you need without spending more than you need.

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