Are Dust Mites Sleeping With Your Kids?

I heard on the news that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is changing their guidelines for pat downs for young children.  Seems there was quite a bit of uproar and outrage by parents.  They didn’t like strangers touching their children.  Didn’t think it was safe.  I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want strangers touching my kids either (and they are both grown!)  But are dust mites touching your kids?  Are dust mites sleeping with your kids every night?

I chuckled to myself  and wondered, exactly how many of those parents who were so outraged gave any real thought to what was in their kids beds.  “No Mr TSA, you may not touch my child. But when we get home I am going to let her go to bed with 10,000 dust mites”  “Ms TSA, you may not touch my baby boy because it is dangerous, but at Grandma’s house I am going to let him sleep on a mattress that has been treated with all sorts of toxic chemicals.”

I would venture a guess that the child is more likely to suffer ill effects from the dust mites or the chemical fire retardants in their mattresses than their brief encounter with a TSA agent.  But you can see the TSA agent, the danger is visible.  Those nasty dust mites are microscopic and you can’t see or feel them, but they are there.  Their dead body parts and feces just awaiting to cause problems with allergies, asthma, or eczema.  The chemicals used to treat mattresses are also invisible.  If you have a sensitive nose, you might be able to smell them if the mattress is new.  But, they are still there, waiting to cause respiratory problems and worse.  Some of the fire-retarding chemicals are suspected to cause cancer.  Those threats are more real than the TSA, but dust mites sleeping with your kids seems less of a threat because you can’t see dust mites.

Have you ever moved an old mattress?  Gosh!  They are heavy aren’t they!  That is the combined weight of all of those years worth of dust mite bodies, feces, and your skin.  If you haven’t lifted a new mattress lately, you will be surprised. They are light.  That is because they have limited numbers of those nasty critters in residence.

Those are the same nasty critters in your child’s bed.

Doesn’t it make sense to protect your child?  You can use a urethane-lined allergy proof mattress cover to protect against dust mites.  The lining will make the cover waterproof as well as trapping in fumes from flame retardants and other chemicals.  If you don’t want the urethane lining, a microweave dust mite proof cover will keep the critters at bay.

You may also give some thought to organic mattresses.  Yes, they cost more to purchase, but what price is peace of mind?  There are several manufacturer making quality products and the price just might surprise you. Natura and Pure-Rest both make organic mattresses.  Just something to think about, when standing in line at the airport….waiting for Mr or Ms TSA.


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