Best Air Cleaner for Pets

poodleIf you have pets you know that along with love and snuggles they bring fur, dust, and can cause sniffles and sneezing.  Of all the devices  made, here are the ones we think are the best air cleaner for pets.

Austin Air Allergy Machine

The Allergy Machine made by Austin Air is great if you have pet allergies.   The revolutionary HEGA filter not only removes particles as small as 0.3 microns (way smaller than pet fur or dander) but because it uses a carbon cloth filter for gas removal, the filter provides less resistance than their filters with zeolite and carbon.

That’s a fancy way of saying that because air can move more quickly through the filter it can move more air and filter more particles.   Like all air cleaners made by Austin Air, the Allergy Machine has a permanent prefilter and a main filter that can last up to 5 years.

austin air makes the best air cleaner for pets

We think the Allergy Machine is the best air cleaner for pets because it really cleans the air.  That HEGA filter is more efficient than their standard HEPA machine at moving air.  Face it, the filter can’t remove particles in the air if the air can’t make it to the filter.  The HEGA filter efficiently removes dust, dander, dust mites, molds, pollen, and other junk floating in your air.   The carbon cloth can knock down some pet odor as well.

We actually removed the standard HEPA filter from our HealthMate and replaced it with the Allergy Machine HEGA filter.   We’ve got two cats and I’ve got bad allergies so we have to keep things under control.  The Allergy Machine is up to the task, so we keep it hard at work.  I just love how Austin Air replacement filters can be interchanged between machines as your needs change.

Austin Air Pet Machine

Austin Air will tell you the best air cleaner for pets is their Pet Machine.  Heck, they even named it the “Pet Machine”.

Now granted they designed this air cleaner just for pet owners, but allerpet controls cat allergiesgood intentions and a snappy name aren’t  enough to make it the best air cleaner for pets.

Austin Air says the Pet Machine is best for pets because they have designed the filter to take care of the odors that are associated with having animals in the home.   The carbon and zeolite mixture receives a special treatment to better absorb ammonia and sulfur gasses.  These are the sources of many pet odors.

The Pet Machine is great if you are concerned about bits of pet fur, dust, and especially if your greatest concern is pet odors.   Controlling pet odor is an important thing; however it isn’t the only thing.

The Pet Machine utilizes the same carbon zeolite mixture as many of the other Austin Air machines. This blend does increase resistance as air flows through the machine. The air flows slower so odors get absorbed.  However, that increased resistance and slower air flow makes the filter less efficient.

best air cleaner for pets

Bottom Line – Best Air Cleaner for Pets

So here’s the bottom line.

If you have allergies and you own pets, the Austin Air Allergy Machine is the best air cleaner for pets in your situation.

If you own pets and don’t have allergies, the Austin Air Pet Machine is the best air cleaner for you.

Call 1-800-771-2246 for additional assistance with these air cleaners for pets or any of the air cleaners we carry.

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Facts About Your Austin Air Cleaner To Impress Friends

Your friends know you take your health seriously.  You’re the first one to learn about new treatments in allergies, asthma, or just living a cleaner, greener life. You’re the first to debunk wild internet myths that multiply like dust mites. You’re the go-to person for trusted information.  Here’s 4 things to lay on your friends about your Austin Air air cleaner that will seriously impress them.

Only Approved Air Cleaner for SoCal Disaster

map of aliso canyon gas leak

Last year when the Aliso Canyon gas leak was puking 1,200,000 pounds of methane into the air every day, the governor declared a state of emergency.  Heck yeah, who wants to breathe that stuff?

SOCAL needed to protect the residents of Porter Ranch while they worked to repair the leak. Most air cleaners did not meet strict California or SOCAL’s stringent standards for producing clean air.

Austin Air was the air cleaner designated to protect the citizens of Porter Ranch and the surrounding area. Most of Austin Air’s production capacity was temporarily focused on units for Aliso Canyon

Air Cleaner proven to reduce ER visits in children with asthma

Clinically Proven to Reduce Asthma-Related ER Visits

Your Austin Air cleaner was part of a double blind, placebo controlled study to determine if air cleaners could reduce the number of asthma-related hospital visits in children that are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Kids exposed to secondhand smoke are 1.5 times more likely to develop asthma.  So, the American Academy of Pediatrics set out to determine if a high quality HEPA filter would help these kids.

The kids were divided into two groups. One had two Austin Air cleaners with HEGA filters placed in the house and the other group had two Austin Air cleaners without filters placed in the house. No participants or clinicians knew which group had a filter or no filter.

The group that had filters in their machines had an over 18% reduction in the number of asthma-related visits to the hospital.

The filtering media in the Austin Air HEGA filter was developed as a protection against chemical warfare. HEGA filters adsorb chemicals from the air and are used in radiological labs, nuclear power plants, medical research facilities, and other dangerous situations.  They are pretty handy around the house for taking chemicals like secondhand smoke out of the air too.

Powder Coated – Not Painted

Your air cleaner doesn’t get its rocking good looks from a slick paint job. Your air cleaner is powder coated.

Paints require chemical solvents and toxic substances to keep them austin air makes air cleaner for indoor air qualityin suspension. Paints contain volatile organic compounds that off-gas and pollute the air.

Powder coating starts as a powder that applied using an electrostatic charge. It is then heat cured. The result is a very strong, durable finish. Powder coated finishes don’t off-gas VOCs and don’t pollute the air.

FEMA Approved Post 9/11

After the attacks on the World Trade Center air quality was a big concern for area residents. Austin Air cleaners underwent rigorous testing at the US Army’s Aberdeen Test Facility to determine if they could improve the air quality for Manhattan residents. They were one of the few machines that were FEMA approved and distributed in the area.

They were also provided to Anniston Alabama residents when powerful chemical weapons were decommissioned in their area.


Serious Problems Require a Serious Air Cleaner

Asthma, allergies, COPD and other respiratory issues are serious health problems.  VOCs that are released into the air from household cleaners and furniture are serious problems.

Cut away of air cleanerSerious air problems require a serious air cleaner.  Austin Air might not make the hottest looking machines, but they are serious workhorse air cleaners.  The technology behind the filter is solid, the motor is dependable, and they are built to last.

Long after the latest air cleaner trend has passed, your Austin Air Healthmate air cleaner will still be on the job. Now that’s impressive.


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