Wool Is the Ideal Allergy Proof Bedding Fiber

wool makes best allergy proof bedding
image courtesy Dr Joseph Valks

If you are looking for allergy proof bedding, look no further than your friendly neighborhood sheep.  If there are no sheep in your neighborhood, don’t worry.  The  Allergy Store offers a wide range of allergy proof bedding made from wool.

Wool Makes Great Allergy Proof Bedding – Naturally!

Whether you are concerned about toxic chemical treatments to make your bedding flame retardant or dust mites, mold, and bacteria are your major concerns, wool is the answer.   Wool is naturally:

  • Anti-static
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Temperature regulating
Washable Wool is Revolutionary

Advances in wool processing technology means that many wool wool is ideal allergy proof bedding fiberproducts are now washable.  Shropshire wool is now available that retains loft and softness even with repeated washings.

Organic Wool Allergy Proof Bedding for Babies to Adults

From organic wool crib mattresses to mattress pads for king size beds, The Allergy Store has you covered.  And if you want to cover your wool duvet, we’ve got a cover for that as well!

Discover more about the reasons wool is the best choice for allergy proof bedding “Wool Makes Great Allergy Proof Bedding“.

Sensational Allergy Bed Covers for Allergy Relief

The Allergy Store carries a full line of allergy bed covers.  They are your first line of defense for effective dust mite allergy relief.  We have everything from all polyester to all cotton and everything else in between.

For a complete description of the fabrics used to make our covers you can read “Allergy Bed Covers – What Are They

Pristine Luxury Allergy Bed Covers

Pristine is made in the USA and has the smallest pore size.  Made of an all-polyester fabric it is durable and provides the highest level of protection.

AllerSoft Cotton  Blend Allergy Bed Covers

AllerSoft Cotton Blend is a blend of cotton and polyester. It combines the best of both worlds.  You get the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester in one fabric.

AllergyCare Cotton Allergy Bed Covers

The comfort of cotton that you crave.  TheAllergyCare all cotton fabric is a customer favorite.  This 100% cotton fabric is light-weight, cool, and comfortable.  Preshrunk and samphorized to maintain pore size even through repeated washings.

AllergyCare Organic Cotton Allergy Bed Covers

GOTS, OEko-Tex, and SKAL certified.  AllergyCare Organic cotton is made from organic cotton.  It is never bleached or treated with any chemicals.  If you are looking for the highest quality organic cotton allergy bed cover, this is the fabric for you.

WaterProof Allergy Bed Covers and Box Spring Covers

In addition to the high-quality microweave fabrics. The Allergy Store offers waterproof allergy bed covers, box spring covers, duvet covers, pillow covers, and mattress pad and feather bed covers.  If it is on your bed, we’ve got you covered.

Why Shop at an Allergy Bedding Store?

There was a time when you could only get dust mite covers and other allergy bedding products at a specialty allergy products store.

get your allergy bedding at an allergy bedding storeNow you see dust mite proof bedding at the big box stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target and Anna’s Linens and on-line at Amazon.  So, why should you still buy your bedding from a store  that specializes in allergy bedding?

When you buy your allergy-proof bedding from The Allergy Store you get expert advice and can speak with a Customer Service Representative with deep knowledge of this niche of specialty bedding.  They will make sure you get the covers that are right for you. They will ask lots of questions.

Are you a hot sleeper? Do you have a foam mattress? Worried about bed bugs? Does it need to be water-proof? Is for a child?

That is not the type of customer service you will find at bod box stores.

Read this article What is Allergy Bedding , it explains the the differences in quality and customer support you can expect when you purchase your bedding from an allergy bedding store like The Allergy Store