Explaining Dust Mite Covers

If you are new to dust mite allergies, some of the terminology can be confusing.  What is the difference between a mattress or pillow protector and a dust mite cover?dust mite covers are essential for allergy control

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We recently added a “new article on dust mite covers” What are Dust Mite Covers?

If you are confused about that makes a dust mite covers different from other covers take a moment to read this article. We also explain the different type of covers available.

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Kill Dust Mites on Stuffed Animals

Kids and stuffed animals go together like peanut butter and jelly.  However, if your child has allergies to dust or dust mites, you have to be careful with stuffed animals. It doesn’t mean that you have to kill teddy bear, but it does mean you have to learn to kill dust mites on stuffed animals.

How to Kill Dust Mites on Stuffed Animals in the Wash

When buying new stuffed animals, look for plush critters that are washable.  In order to kill dust mites on stuffed animals effectively kill dust mites on stuffed animals by washing with Demiteyou are going to need to use your washing machine and dryer.  If the agitator in your top loader is a little rough, then you might want to put your stuffed animal in a lingerie bag.  It will help protect it during the washing process.

For your top loader, turn the water on to cold and start to fill the tub. Add De-Mite Laundry Additive along with your regular detergent and then toss teddy (or puppy or kitty) in the wash.  You can use the gentle or permanent press cycle for the shortest setting.  Close the lids and let your washer go to work. If you have a front loader, add your detergent and De-Mite, toss the toy in and start the wash cycle.  Because front loading machines are more gentle, a lingerie bag is not necessary.

Spin dry your stuffed animals on the low setting.  By using De-Mite (or Allersearch Allergen Wash) you can kill dust mites on stuffed animals without ruining the toy because you can wash with cold water.

If you do not want to use De-Mite or Allergen Wash, then the only way to kill dust mites on stuffed animals in the washing machine is to wash with 140°F water.  Unfortunately your stuffed animals will not stand up to much washing with water this hot.

Non-Washable Stuffed Animals

If you purchased a stuffed animal that is not washable or your child received this type of a toy for a gift you are going to need to get creative.  Since you can’t use the washing machine to kill the dust mites you will have to use your freezer to kill dust mites on stuffed use ADMS to kill dust mites on stuffed animalsanimals.  Place the toy in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight.  If your child can’t bear to be away from the toy overnight, then do this first thing in the morning and leave in for 6 to 8 hours.

After the toy has been frozen, remove from the plastic bag and spray lightly with ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray.  The cold will have killed the dust mites but the allergen has been left behind.  By spraying with ADMS you are neutralizing or denaturing the allergy-causing dust mite proteins.

After you spray the toy, toss it in the dryer on the fluff setting. This is the setting that is air only, no heat.  Once the toy is fluffed back up and dry you can give back to your child knowing you did your part to kill those pesky mites.

Select The Right Stuffed Animals

The washability of a toy is an important factor when selecting a toy. Since you know the best way to kill dust mites on stuffed animals is to wash the toy, look for toys that stand up to repeated washing.

We like the Kid’s Preferred line of allergy-friendly plush toys.  These stuffed animals are certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly.  Not only are they cute and cuddly, they are made to be washed over and over again and still remain soft.  Your child can cuddle Buddy Bear with confidence.  stuffed animals tht are certified friendly

When purchasing a stuffed or plush toy, be sure to read the label first to make sure it is washable. Because some of that peanut butter and jelly might get in teddy’s hair.

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Dust Mite Facts and Fiction

If you are allergic to dust mites it is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information (both true and false) in literature and on the internet. Just as you have to get rid of the clutter in your bedroom, we are going to cut through the dust mite clutter and sort it into dust mite facts and dust mite fictions.

dust mite facts Dust Mite Facts

  •  Dust mites are blind
  • They have 8 legs and are related to spiders
  • Dust mites have two gripping suckers at the end of each leg
  • Dust mites are covered by a hard cuticle that must be shed as it grows
  • There are two major species of dust mites (dermatophagoides farinae – commonly known as the North American mite and dermatophagoides pteronyssinus – the European dust mite)
  • Dust mites float in water
  • A female dermatophagoides far. will lay 1 egg a day for about 30 days.
  • The adult dust mite has about 19 to 30 days to reproduce depending on the relative humidity and the temperature of the environment.
  • The allergen causing protein is in the gut of the mite and is expelled in its feces.
  • Dust mites cannot be seen with the unaided eye. They are microscopic.
  • Dust mite body parts and feces are the major component of house dust.
  • Dust mites will eat the skin of other mammals if human skin is not available.
  • Dust mites love humidity
Dust Mite Fictions
  •  Dust mites bite
  • Dust mites are a sign of a dirty house
  • Acaracides are effective in killing dust mites
  • You can see dust mites on your bed
  • Dust mites live in your heating and ac vents
  • Only humans are allergic to dust mites
  • Dust mite colonies live in our clothing
  • Dust mites can be totally removed from a mattress by vacuuming
  • You can outgrow dust mite allergy
  • Dust mites cause mange in dogs and cats
  • Dust mites are killed by sunlight (just like vampires)
  • Dust mites drink your sweat while you sleep

It is important to know the dust mite facts because this knowledge is what will help you in your dust mite battle. If you know the allergen is in the feces and body and that mites float then you know you need to take special steps when washing your bedding. This is why we suggest the use of De-Mite or Allergen Wash in the wash cycle instead of relying on the heat of the dryer to remove allergens.

Another practical application from the dust mite facts is that dust mites will eat the skin from your pets. That means you need to keep your pet’s bedding washed as well as yours.

If you see some type of small insect on your sheets, you know from the dust mite facts that this is not a dust mite. You also know that calling an exterminator is a waste of money for removing dust mites from your home.

Hope this helps clear the air.