Now You Know What’s In the Air – Foobot Air Quality Monitor

The headlines scream indoor air quality is killing you! Indoor air is more polluted than the air outside!  You want the best environment for you and your family. You gather as much information as you can and then wonder about what’s in your air.  Is making your air making your family sick?  Asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivity, respiratory infections, and sinusitis can all be the result of breathing poor quality air. Until now, you’ve really had no way of knowing what’s in your air.  But now there is Foobot, the air quality monitor with a brain.

Foobot is an Ingredient List for your Air

foobot air quality monitorYou read the ingredient labels on your food; wouldn’t it be great to see an ingredient label for your air?  Now with Foobot you can.

Foobot goes beyond standard particle monitoring.  With Foobot you monitor VOCs, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and particles. When levels are high Foobot gives you an alert.  It’s the difference between guessing what’s in the air and knowing.

Temperature and humidity are monitored as well.  It runs silently in the background; your clean air sentinel.  If you air quality drops, Foobot glows orange and sends you an alert.

Take Control of Your Air Quality
foobot air quality monitor is quiet enough for baby's room

Get the data you need to take control of your indoor air quality.  Foobot’s built-in intelligence allows it to detect patterns, learn your environment, and provide actionable advice on improving your air quality.  It’s the intelligent air quality monitor.

Bacteria and mold thrive in warm, moist environments.  Foobot tells you current temperature and humidity as well as giving you a historical record.  You will know if your heating and cooling systems are helping or hurting your air quality and can take action.

VOCs such as formaldehyde, and benzene are recognized by the EPA as carcinogens. Toluene is toxic and has long-term health effects. These VOCs are commonly found in building materials and household products.  Until now, there was no easy, economical way to monitor these VOCs in the home.  Now Foobot can tell you if VOCs are within healthy levels or if you have hidden toxins in your home.

An Air Quality Monitor That’s Easy As 1,2,3

Foobot uses sophisticated monitoring technology, but it is easy to use.

  1. Simply plug Foobot in,
  2. Download the app, and
  3.  Setup your account and start monitoring

Foobot will collect data and transmit it securely to the cloud for your easy access.  Set alerts and Foobot will tell your smartphone when critical levels are reached.   Foobot will suggest actions you can take to improve your air quality based on the data collected

When cleaning or cooking, tell Foobot. It just helps it get smarter.

foobot infographicStop Guessing and Start Knowing with Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Stop guessing if you have poor indoor air quality.  Use Foobot to help you control allergens, dust, mold, and VOCs in your home or office. Monitor the effectiveness of your current air cleaners and allergy control practices.

Use Footbot and stop guessing and start knowing about your indoor air.

Order your Foobot air quality monitor today and save 20% with the Allergy Store’s special introductory offer.

Til Next Time!




Biking with Allergies – Must Have Accessories

Just because you have allergies or asthma doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy riding a bike.  Whether you just take a cruiser to work and ride around town or whether you are a serious road biker, there are a few accessories you must have if you are going to be biking with allergies.

A Good Helmet

Biking with allergies or just biking; you need to wear a good helmet.  There’s a reason Mom’s insist on their kids wearing helmets.  You can be the best biker in the world, but you still have to contend with the world.  Whether someone opens a car door in front of you, swipes you from the side or behind, there is a good chance you are going to fall.  Heck 2 weeks ago I fell just getting on my bike. Don’t ask me why, I raised my leg over my seat and FAIL!

bike helmetThe Feather Helmet by Giro combines great style and protection at a pretty reasonable price.  Your head won’t get hot due to the awesome ventilation.  Help for the helmet hair not included.

A Good Mask

If you are biking with allergies or asthma you aren’t going to get far if you can’t breathe.  Pollution, dust, mold spores, and pollen are just a few of the things that can trigger an asthma or allergy attack.

u2 mask is best for biking with allergies

The µ2 Sport Mask will keep out particles without restricting your airflow.  If you are riding strenuously you know airflow is important.   It’s also light-weight so you won’t get hot.

Keeps bugs out too. Now that’s a great bonus.

Water Bottle Cage and Water Bottle

Sure everyone needs to stay hydrated when they exercise. But if you are biking with allergies or asthma then you probably are taking medications that cause you to dehydrate more quickly.  You are not like every other biker, you are the biker that needs to drink more fluid to stay hydrated.  Also, if your asthma causes you the breathe harder, then you lose more water through respiration.  You need a water bottle cage that won’t let go and a water bottle that holds plenty of water.

water bottle cageThe Pro Bike Tool water bottle cage is easy to mount and holds your bottle securely.  The design can handle a variety of water bottle sizes and the CNC machined finish will stand up to the elements. Great for any biker.

A water bottle cage is only as good as the water bottle it holds.

water bottle

The Camelback Podium Big Chill is big enough to hold plenty of water for your ride and has double wall insulation to keep it cool while you work up a sweat.

We like that it is BPA and BPS free.  That means your water tastes like water and not a water bottle!

Be sure to stop frequently and drink. Your immune system needs to be hydrated as well as your muscles!


A Good Sense of Adventure

Grab your bike and a friend and make it an adventure!  I have visited Charleston, SC on foot and by bike.  Biking is so much more enjoyable. You can cover more real estate with less effort.

The narrow streets of New Orleans are just better on a bike. The Broadwalk on Hollywood Beach was made for biking, literally. That’s why they painted the little bike logos on it.

The San Antonio River and portions of the Intracoastal Waterway are two areas with bike paths just waiting to be explored.

Don’t let your allergies and asthma keep you from biking.  Have fun this summer.



Dummies Guide to Nasal Irrigation for Pollen

fight ragweed allergy with masks and nasal irrigationFrom now through the Fall, pollen is going to be in the air.  You can be miserable or you can fight back!

Seasonal allergies doesn’t necessarily mean you need handfuls of antihistamines to keep those watery eyes and runny nose at bay.

You can take a proactive approach.  Try nasal irrigation for pollen allergies.  It removes the offenders, moisturizes the nasal passages and reduces inflammation.  It works.

Options for Nasal Irrigation for Pollen, Dust, and other Allergies

The original nasal irrigation system was the neti pot.  It was developed in ancient India.  The yoga masters felt that in order to

nasal irrigation for pollen allergies brings fast relief
Not the Best Option

think clearly one must breathe clearly.  They believed in washing the nasal passages regularly to keep breathing clearly.  They fell out of favor in the Western world until Dr. Oz made them popular again in 2007.  Neti pots still have their downsides.  You must be very careful to clean them thoroughly after each use or they can spread bacteria and they don’t create any sort of pressure to help remove stubborn particles.  Don’t worry, there are other methods of nasal irrigation that will remove the stickiest of pollens.

The SinuAir Nasal Wash System includes a squeeze bottle and saline powder to make your own sterile saline solution at home.  The squeeze bottle allows you to add pressure that you just can’t get with a neti pot.  This means you remove more pollen and debris each time you rinse.  The bottle is large enough to hold enough solution to effectively and safely cleanse both nasal passages.   The tip is easy to clean and sterilize.

For the ultimate in nasal irrigation, check out the SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigation System.   The SinuPulse Elite is the most advanced nasal irrigation system on the planet.  It combines a large reservoir for your saline solution and uses patented technology to deliver a pulsating or misting  solution.  Specialized tips provide specialized cleaning.  Even a tongue cleaning tip is included!

nasal irrigation for pollen allergies really works

Nasal Irrigation for Pollen, Dust, and Other Allergies is Easy!

Don’t get freaked out by the idea of nasal irrigation.  It is easy, it is safe and it really does help with your pollen allergies.

Once you’ve decided on the method, cruise over and read our Guide to Nasal Irrigation.  You’ll get step by step instructions on what to do and what not to do.

Pollen isn’t going to go away. Breathe easier and rest better when you wash that pollen away!