Primaloft is the Superior Down-Alternative Comforter

If you have allergies and you love down, your bedding choices have down bedding contributed to allergiesbeen a bit of a downer.  Face it, most materials that have been manufactured to be an alternative to down are just down-right awful. They clump, they lump, they just aren’t down.  That’s until Primaloft perfected the down-alternative and created a down-alternative comforter that feels just like down!

Air is Nature’s Insulator

Down is a made up of the feathers from various birds.  The feathers form little balls that trap air.  Down is such a comfy filling for a comforter because feathers don’t weigh much and the air they trap doesn’t weigh much.  However, air is a great insulator.  Its what makes down and wool warm.  But unlike wool, down doesn’t weigh much.  So, you get warmth without much weight.

The Problem with Down Comforters

Down comforters are warm and provide a comforting weight.  However, the feathers inside are magnets for dust mites.  Unlike wool, which has lanolin, down doesn’t have any natural property to repel dust mites.

Some people are actually allergic to the feathers themselves, but this is not as common as allergy to the dust mites they harbor.

Another negative to down is keeping them clean.  Most down comforters are destroyed by washing and drying.  The fill clumps and lumps and feathers poke through the cover.  Its a mess.

Primaloft is the Down-Alternative Solution

Finally down lovers have a solution – Primaloft.  The patented Primaloft fill is a synthetic fiber with all the good properties of down and none of the bad.   In addition, Primaloft can be safely washed and dried over and over again.  Hotels and resorts have used Primaloft fill for luxury bedding for years.  Now it is available for home use through The Allergy Store.

Primaloft Down-Alternative Comforters

primaloft is the superior down-alternative comforterPrimaloft Down Alternative Comforters are the perfect alternative to down.   Each comforter is filled with Primaloft fill treated with an antimicrobial to prevent growth of molds and bacteria.   They are covered in a silky smooth 230 thread count Cambric cotton fabric that feels simply silky against your face as you cuddle in comfort.

When its time to freshen your down-alternative comforter up, there are no worries and no fuss.  Just pop in the washer and dry in the dryer.  No expensive dry cleaning process is needed.

Treat Your Loved Ones – Treat Yourself

Winter is just around the corner.  Those long cold night will be much

down-alternative comforters keep the cold outside
© David Coleman | Dreamstime Stock Photos

more comfortable when you snuggle with a Primaloft filled Down-Alternative comforter.

A Down-Alternative Comforter is a gift that says you want to cuddle them with comfort night after night.

Treat them or treat yourself.  Either way you get free shipping and friendly service with each Primaloft purchase from The Allergy Store

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Wool and Silk Allergy-Resistant Bedding for Comfort and Protection

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, it’s time to start thinking about ways to sleep healthy and stay warm at the same time. Natural fibers are a natural choice for bedding. While all fibers will collect allergens, silk and wool have naturally allergy-resistant properties, making them a great choice for allergy-resistant bedding.


Wool has been prized for thousands of years as a fiber that regulates wiik makes naturally allergy-resistant beddingbody temperature naturally. Wool is cool in summer because it wicks away moisture. It is warm in winter because the air pockets between the fibers serves as little pockets of insulation. Manufacturers have tried for years without success to come up with a synthetic material that can replace wool. They may come close to replicating the shape of the fiber, but wool has one thing a synthetic material will never have, lanolin. Lanolin makes wool naturally:

  • mold resistant,
  • antibacterial,
  • dust mite resistant.

Also, since wool does not retain moisture, it creates a dry habitat for dust mites. Dust mites don’t like dry environments! Even if you don’t have allergies, recent studies show that wool night clothes and bedding increases total sleep time, promotes sleep onset and improves sleep efficiency. Wool bedding is naturally flame retardant, so it needs no chemical treatments to make it fire resistant.

Allergy-Resistant Bedding Made from Wool

wool is ideal allergy-resistant bedding fiberWool is a renewable resource for allergy-resistant bedding. No sheep are harmed in the harvesting of wool. The Allergy Store carries a wide variety of wool comforters and mattress pads. In addition, wool is a key component in our organic crib mattress.

Organic Wool Comforters. The Allergy Store carries organic Merino wool comforters by Sleep and Beyond. These marvelous wool comforters are filled with naturally soft, naturally allergy-resistant Merino wool and covered in a certified organic 300 thread count cotton fabric. You can spot clean them and expose to sunlight to refreshen them.

Washable Wool Comforters. In addition to organic Merino wool comforters, washable Shropshire wool comforters are also available. This Shropshire wool is washed to prevent felting (what we call shrinking) to create a wool fiber that provides all the benefits of wool with the bonus of washability. The washable wool comforters at The Allergy Store are covered in a luxurious 300 thread count cotton percale that is perfect for year around sleeping.

All Season Wool Comforter. If you are looking for medium weight allergy-resistant bedding then look no further than Natura. The all season comforter is filled with virgin wool that is naturally allergy-resistant. The unbleached cotton cover is quilted to prevent shifting and lumping of the fill.

Wool Mattress Pads. The Allergy Store carries a variety of allergy-resistant wool mattress pads. From reversible styles in natural wool and cotton to organic Merino wool mattress pads, you will find the allergy-resistant bedding you need at prices you will love.   Wool provides loft, comfort, and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Many people with joint disease report sleeping better on wool.


Silk has been famous for years as a luxury bedding fiber. But did you know that silk is also a great choice for naturally allergy-resistant bedding?

mulberry silk is naturally allergy-resistant
silkworms on mulberry leaves courtesy Sura Nuralpradid

Silk regulates body temperature and wicks moisture away. It creates a dry, comfortable sleeping environment that is perfect for you and anathema to dust mites. Silk is about half the weight of wool and is an extremely strong fiber. Silk bedding has many of the positive attributes of wool without the bulk. However, silk bedding is not washable. It can be refreshed by exposure to sunlight. The silk comforters and blankets offered at The Allergy Store are all made of 100% mulberry silk. The fibers from silkworms fed on an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves is the finest silk available.

Silk and Wool Bedding Makes a Great Gift

It’s not too late to be thinking about holiday gifts. Show how much silk makes naturally allergy-resistant beddingyou care with a gift of natural wool or silk bedding. This is a gift that shows you care enough to make them comfortable night after night after night. Comfort, luxury, and natural allergy-resistance come with every wool and silk product.

Maybe you should treat yourself!

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Cockroach Allergy is for Real

We’re wrapping up this month’s discussion of annoying pests with the venerable cockroach. Have you ever heard of cockroach allergy? cockroach by japanachaiJust like dust mites, people can be allergic to cockroaches and they are a main source of allergens in densely populated areas. Twenty-three to sixty percent of urban residents with asthma test as sensitive to the cockroach allergen.

Cockroach allergy was first reported in 1943. Skin rashes appeared immediately after the insects crawled over patients’ skin. How gross is that? The first allergy skin challenge test to confirm cockroach allergy in a patient was in 1959.

How do Cockroaches Cause Allergy?

roach crawling downJust like dust mites, cockroaches contain proteins in their bodies that are easily misidentified by the immune system as an enemy invader. When you inhale this protein, your body thinks it is a germ and kicks your immune system into high gear.

The bad news is that when cockroaches die, they create in the environment even more of the allergy causing protein. That’s because the protein is released as their wicked cockroach bodies break down and crumble.

Cockroach Allergy Symptomsroach crawling up

Cockroach allergy symptoms can be similar to dust mite allergy symptoms, except they don’t only occur and night and in the morning. Coughing, wheezing, skin rash, and a runny nose can all be symptoms of cockroach allergy. As stated earlier, cockroach allergy frequently contributes to asthma.

Control the Cockroaches!

roach crawling downThe best way to control your cockroach allergy is to control the cockroaches. Integrated pest management practices will reduce cockroach populations with the least amount of poison. In addition, The American College of Asthma, Allergies, and Immunology suggests that you:

  • Keep food and garbage in containers with tight lids. Never leave food out anywhere.
  • Clean up food crumbs and spilled liquids immediately.
  • Wash dirty dishes right away, never leave them out.
  • Don’t leave out pet food, except when the pet is eating.
  • Keep counters, sinks, stove, tables, and floors clean and clear of clutter.
  • Clean the kitchen floor after meals. Mop the floor at least once a week.
  • Repair leaky faucets, drain pipes, and other moisture problems.
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes and newspapers, where cockroaches may hide.
  • Plug up small spaces around the house, such as cracks between the wall and floor, where cockroaches can enter.

Control the Allergens

allergen wash removes cockroach allergyIf you find that cockroaches have invaded, once you get the invasion under control you can attack the allergens they left behind. Almost every product that we sell that controls dust mite allergen will work on cockroach allergen as well. This means that if you find cockroaches in a box of stored clothing, you can wash the clothing with Allergen Wash and the cockroach allergen will be washed away.

If you have had cockroaches crawling on your floors or furniture, you ADMS Anti Allergen Spray removes cockroach allergycan lightly spray with ADMS Anti Allergen Spray. It will safely denature the cockroach protein and is safe for your furniture and fabric surfaces. All it takes is a light mist. If you have had a serious cockroach invasion, you might need to make two treatments.

Unfortunately cockroaches are probably here to stay. In the end, it will probably just be sharks, cockroaches, and dust mites roaming the planet and seas. Until then, if you think you are allergic to cockroaches, talk to your doctor about it. They can perform skin or blood tests and suggest medications to get symptoms under control until you can control the little buggers.

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cockroaches courtesy japanachai@freedigitalphotos