Hot Dry Summer Spells Allergy Problems

summer-allergiesA large portion of the United States is spending the summer under the influence of a high pressure system that seems to be parked in the central US. This hot dry summer spells allergy problems for people with seasonal allergies

Just like the high pressure system that parked over Texas and Oklahoma last year, this weather pattern is bringing dry weather, hot temperatures and allergy problems.  This year it is just a little farther north.

Why does a hot dry summer spell allergy problems?

The lack of rain is one reason.  While rain does promote the growth of grasses, it also washes the tree and other pollens out of the air.  Going outside right after a rain storm is the best chance you have of pollen-free air.  If it isn’t raining, you don’t have that chance.

Also, the hot, dry weather prompts grasses to create more pollen. They are seriously trying to pass along their genetic material to the next generation (to put it politely).

When high pressure is in place, it is pushing air down. This means you get increased ozone levels.  The sunlight bakes the emissions from cars, lawn mowers and factories, producing the ozone. Since the air is not circulating the ozone just stagnates.  This can trigger asthmatic attacks and aggravate COPD, allergies, and other respiratory problems.  This is just another way that a hot dry summer spells allergy problems.

Also, there are more dust particles in the air.  While you might not be allergic to the actual dust, it serves as an irritant to the nasal and sinus passages.  If the dust is bothering you, you will benefit from a nasal rinse with a sterile saline solution.  This process will gently flush away the particles and restore moisture to the mucous membranes that line your respiratory system.

You can do you part to help by gassing up your car and cutting gas early in the day.  Carpooling or using public transportation also helps with ozone.  Keep an eye on your local news or The Weather Channel for air quality alerts related to particles or ozone.

If you have to go outside, do it in the evenings, morning, or right after one of those rare rain falls.  The pollen counts will be lower.  If you have an air cleaner, run it on the highest setting when you are not in the room, turn it back down when you come in the room to sleep and know that you will have cleaned the air as best as possible.  Keeps doors and windows closed and the air conditioning running.  Also, if you use disposable filters on your AC, make sure they have a MERV rating of at least 8.  If you have a permanent filter on your AC, remember to keep it clean by washing once a month.

This high pressure may be here to stay for the remainder of the summer. It doesn’t go any good to complain about it because you can’t change the weather. You can only wait for the weather to change and then complain about the ragweeds!

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Allergy Control You Don’t Leave Home Without

luggage photo  So  you’re packing for your trip.  Once you gather your clothes and shoes you probably pack toiletries next.  You probably don’t leave home without these bottles.

  • Small bottle of shampoo – check
  • Small bottle of conditioner – check
  • Travel size toothpaste and mouthwash – check
  • Travel size allergy control spray – what?

Allergy control spray, what’s up with that?

Allergy Control To Go

ADS allergy control sprayWe encourage everyone that stays in a hotel, motel, or even a friend’s home to travel with a fitted mattress cover.  But we know most people don’t follow that advice so they spend part of each vacation sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing.

If you want allergy control but not the cover, there is an alternative.  Travel size bottles of allergy control sprays like ADS Anti-Allergen Spray and Vital Oxide Anti-Microbial Spray.    Each of these products is available in a small 16 ounce travel bottle.  Now 16 ounces won’t make it through your carry-on bag, but you can pack this in your checked luggage.

Quickly Treat a Hotel Room for Allergies

So once you’ve checked-in and checked the room for bed bugs, it’s time to unpack your spray and get to work.  Many motels have air conditioning units that harbor mold and mildew.  Spray the top of the unit and the vent area with either ADS or Vital Oxide Spray.  ADS will neutralize the allergens and Vital Oxide will kill and denature any molds or other allergens in the AC.  Vital Oxide will luggage phototake care of that  “funky” ac smell as well.

Spray down the sheets, bedspread, and pillows.  Since the bed is already unmade from your bed bug inspection, go ahead and spray it down with your ADS or Vital Oxide allergy control sprays.  You don’t need to saturate the linens, just a light mist will do.

While you are at it, spray down the carpeting very lightly as well.  Don’t forget to spray both sides of the curtains too.  Housekeeping may vacuum each day, but they never clean those draperies.

Complete Allergy Control Coverage

We carry many allergy control sprays, but the  we recommend only 2 for travel.  That’s because these products are powerful and cover a wide spectrum of common indoor allergens.

Even if the room has hosted a cat, dog, or other small furry animal you are protected.

ADS and Vital Oxide will neutralize allergens from:

  • animals
  • dust mites
  • molds
  • pollen
  • cockroaches

luggage photoOrder your travel size of allergy control spray today. Then worry how to fit that extra pair of shoes in your bag!

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Bed Bug Covers Have Your Vacation Home Covered

It’s the nightmare no vacation rental owner wants to face.  Bed bugs!  You can screen your rentals but you can’t screen out bed bugs.  It’s good to know that something as simple as bed bug covers on the beds can save you hundreds  of dollars.

How Bed Bugs Travel

picture of bed bugsJust because your vacationers brought bed bugs into your rental doesn’t mean they are dirty people.

Bed bugs can be found in the nicest most luxurious hotels.  They ride from place to place in the trunks of rental cars and in the luggage compartments of airplanes and trains.

Bed bugs can take an Uber or be transferred during a TSA luggage inspection.

Your renters might have left home bed bug free but picked up the hitchhikers along the way.

The best offense is a good defense.

Bed Bug Covers for Every Bed

The vacation rental market is competitive.  You can’t afford to lose zippered bed bug coversrental days for fumigation and replacement of the mattresses, boxsprings, and pillows.    That’s why it is important to keep a good quality bed bug cover on every bed and futon in your rental.

The Allergy Store has been selling bed bug proof mattress covers since we first opened.  Our bed bug covers cover all sides of the mattress and boxspring and zip tight to keep bed bugs out.  If your mattress has already been infested with bed bugs or dust mites, you can rest assured they will not get out.

In addition, bed bugs can not chew through the material or penetrate the fabric with their feeding tubes.  A very thin urethane membrane is heat-fused to the fabric.  This means each bed bug cover is:

  • Waterproof
  • Bed Bug Proof
  • Dust Mite Proof

Even if you are lucky enough to never have bed bugs, your mattresses will last longer.

Your guests won’t even know the covers are there unless you tell them.  And you should certainly tell them about the covers.

It’s A Selling Point!


When you have all of the mattresses in your vacation rental covered, let people know!

It’s a great selling point to assure your potential guests that you care enough to make sure that they sleep unmolested from bed bugs and dust mites.   List your linens and bed bug covers as an amenity.

You can set a small table tent on each bedside reminding them that you put their comfort and health first…that’s why you covered your mattresses, pillows and boxsprings in bed bug proof covers.

Buy your bed bug covers from The Allergy Store and we’ll help spread the word. We are developing a list of all rentals that are protected and we would love to include yours.  Just let us know in the comments below.

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