Breast Cancer and Parabens Could be Connected

A study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology reports breast cancer and parabens connection in journal of toxicologystrong evidence for the connection between breast cancer and parabens.  You can read more here at

In a nutshell, researchers in England studied the tissue removed as part of mastectomies and in 99% of the cases, the tissue contained parabens. The tissues studied came from different parts of the breast and from women of all ages and breastfeeding history.  The one thing they all had in common was the presence of parabens.

Parabens are widely used in the cosmetic and personal care industries as preservatives.  While some folks have long suspected deodorants to be a factor in cancer, it is interesting to note that some of these women didn’t use any form of deodorant (must be an English thing). Parabens also a common irritant to people that are sensitive and can cause dermatitis.

Deodorants can contain parabens, as well as shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, sunscreens and other substances that people apply directly to their skin and hair.  Kind of scary when you consider that your skin is the largest organ in your body.  You think you are doing something to protect yourself when in fact you could be doing more harm than good.  We don’t recommend that you stop using skin lotions and creams and sunscreens and we aren’t saying to quit washing your hair.  But we are saying to be aware of what you are putting on your body and start reading labels if you don’t do so already!

Dermatologists have been recommending VaniCream and Free & Clear personal care products for years because they are free from dyes, fragrances, masking fragrances, and other irritating substances.  Based on these findings, I  recommend that anyone concerned about breast cancer and parabens should start reading labels.  Look for parabens in any of their skin or hair care products.

Even if you don’t have outward appearances of sensitivity to parabens, bad things can be going on under the surface.  The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database of personal care products has always rated the Vanicream and Free & Clear products as safe.  The Vanicream Sunsport sunscreen made the list of preferred sunscreens this year.  If you are already using a paraben free skin cream like Vanicream, be sure to tell your friends and family about this breast cancer link and urge them to start reading labels.

Friends don’t let friends use skin and hair care products with parabens!

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Skinnies Eczema Therapeutic Clothing Feels Good

If you suffer from eczema or atopic dermatitis you know how terrible the itching can get. You also know how important it is not to scratch.  No matter how much it itches, you can not scratch or you will cause further damage to your skin. You may know that this cycle of torture is referred to by doctors as the “itch-scratch” cycle.  But did you know about Skinnies eczema therapeutic clothing? skinnies eczema therapeutic clothingIf you have eczema, we have good news! The Allergy Store is very pleased to announce we are now carrying the complete line of Skinnies eczema therapeutic clothing.  Skinnies are made from all natural silk and viscose. Skinnies eczema therapeutic clothing is  comfortable and stylish.  More importantly, Skinnies can help you by reducing the terrible ‘itch-scratch cycle’ so you can enjoy your day.

Skinnies eczema therapeutic clothing is a clinically proven eczema treatment that is so easy to use. All you have to do is get dressed!

Put on your seam free,  irritant free, luxuriously comfortable Skinnies and go about your day. Your skin treatment just got a whole lot easier.  Skinnies eczema therapeutic clothing will fit under your regular clothing and over bandages with ease.

Skinnies eczema clothing is soft, breathable and seamless. Skinnies are easy to use with both wet and dry wrapping and proven to help manage chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and epidermolysis bullosa.

Seamless Design

Each garment is produced individually in one piece using our cutting-edge technology, which creates a 360-degree stretch. There is no sewing together and no seams, making Skinnies extremely strong, especially in those commonly weak areas such as the armpit and groin. Seamfree TechnologyTM removes stress points, providing a friction-free fit, in addition, we know some people use the seams as ‘itch points’, this is not possible with Skinnies making them a wonderfully soft and comfortable garment that is easy to wear.


By utilizing Skinnies Seamfree TechnologyTM, we have designed our garments to reduce friction through everyday movement of our bodies, which improves temperature regulation, reducing heat and sweating that can make itching worse and further irritate the skin.


Rigorously tested to retain elasticity and function for up to 50 washes dramatically reducing the cost per wear. Skinnies eczema garments are so versatile that they can be used with any brand of emollient for easy wet wrapping.
Skinnies are more cost-effective than other competitor products.

A range of sizes and colors

Skinnies are the only garments available on prescription to offer a range of different colors. They don’t look ‘medical’ so children keep then on, meaning the creams stay on and the skin recovers quicker, plus with a wide, dropped neckline, Skinnies eczema garments are more discreet, comfortable and easy to wear.

skinnies therapeutic clothing for babies

We carry a complete line of Viscose and Silk Skinnies for the entire family. No matter if it is a baby, child or adult, we have you covered. The fabric is made with a special weave that makes it strong and durable as well as soft.  For more information about our line of Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing click here.

Additional information – What is eczema?

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I’ve Got Mold…You Do Too!

The truth is you will find mold of some type almost anywhere on earth.  I’m honest and admit I’ve got mold. At least I know where it lurks. Do you know where mold hides in your home?

got mold in the bathroomMold Mold Everywhere

Mold is everywhere. Whether you live in the south, the north, the midwest or the west. You probably have mold in the house. You folks in Arizona don’t think you have mold? Check the gasket around your refrigerator or front loading washing machine.  Mold is everywhere.  Almost everyday I get a call from someone worried that “toxic mold” is the causing their allergies or asthma to flair up. They want help.

inspect for bed bugs when you get homeHunting for Mold

So, the first thing I do is ask the customer if they see any visible signs of moisture or mold. This may be wet spots, water stains on walls or ceilings or mold on any surface. Next, I ask if the house or room smells musty or moldy. When I ask them why they think mold is the  problem, many times they said they saw something on TV, read a news article or got something in the mail telling them that mold is a killer. They are acting on fear.

Testing for Mold

Yes, mold can cause serious asthma attacks. Mold aggravates or worsens some people’s allergies. yes, mold can even cause death.

But, before you hire a company to test your house for mold, a very expensive process that most insurance companies will not pay for, go through the process I described above.  Trust your eyes and nose. If you see water stains, mold on a wall or smell something damp and musty then it needs to be checked out. There are mold test kits available in big box stores for about $10 that will let you know if there is mold present. For an extra fee, you can send it to a lab and they will tell you what type of mold, mow much and if it is within
acceptable levels.

don't be afraid if you've got mold

If You’ve Got Mold

If it turns out you do have mold, don’t panic. First, stop the moisture. Next, follow the steps we outline on How to Remove Mold. Remember, I’ve got mold, you’ve got mold, we all have some mold. Even if it’s just the rind on our brie.

Mold can be a serious problem but don’t let the hype cause you to waste time, energy and serious money.

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