Avoiding Bed Bugs When You Travel

The bed bug conversation continues.  People are really concerned about avoiding bed bugs, especially when they travel.

I have been speaking to many people that are worried about avoiding bed bugs.  Cheryl has been taking a lot of calls lately about bed bugs too. The customers she has been talking to seem to be concerned about picking them up when they are traveling and staying in hotels. We compared notes and she put together a list of the things she does to keep bed bugs out of our house.

Read Avoiding Bed Bugs When You Travel.

By the way, bed bugs problems can happen in the finest hotels in the world.   Don’t think just because you are staying in 4 or 5 Star hotel they can’t have bugs.  Be sure to check your room thoroughly, the only way to avoid bed bugs is to be aware of bed bugs.

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How to Care for Your New Dust Mite Covers

washing new dust mite covers is not importantSeems like we get a call or two every day from someone asking what the need to do to take care of their new dust mite covers. The good news is that your new dust mite covers don’t require much care.
We all have enough things in in our life that need our attention.  Your new dust mite covers shouldn’t  add to the list of items needing lots of your attention.
 Care of Your New Dust Mite Covers is Easy
Your new dust mite covers don’t need to be washed before you put them on the bed.  Our dust mite covers are not treated with any pesticides.  Our cotton and organic cotton covers are not treated with sizing or permanent press chemical treatments.  Sot there is nothing to wash away.
We have put together some easy to follow instructions and a couple of tips that should make taking care of your new dust mite covers one less thing you need to worry about.
Just follow this link – How to Care for Your Dust Mite Covers.
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Crib Mattress Cover and SIDS – Can They Help?

A while back a customer called and had heard about SIDS and was wondering if a crib mattress cover was something they should consider getting. Could a cover prevent it? That is a tough question.

The cause of SIDS is unknown, although there are all sorts of theories.

Now some people believe it may be caused by the crib mattress. The general thought in regards to SIDS is that a newer mattress is more dangerous because they will have more chemicals off-gassing because it is new.

The truth is that all mattresses (except organic ones) are made with several chemicals, most notably fire retardants, that are not really healthy and that these chemicals off-gas during the life of the mattress.

Will a crib mattress cover help? I believe they will not hurt. A crib mattress that has been covered will reduce or eliminate the amount chemicals the baby will be exposed to. The mattress covers with the urethane membrane will do a better job of keep the chemicals contained. The other reason to use a mattress cover is they will help protect them from allergens such as dust mites as well as bed bugs. As I mentioned, some of the mattress are also waterproof and a dry baby is a happy baby.

Many doctors and researchers now believe that SIDS is not a single condition that is always caused by the same medical problems, but infant death caused by several different factors.

If you want more information on SIDS please check out the following sites

National Institutes of Health

American SIDS Institute

Kids Health

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