How Do You Feel About Dusting?

A customer sent me a link to a rather interesting blog post about how men and women have different points of view about dusting.

While I don’t agree that men think writing notes on a dusty table is a good idea, he did make a few other good points I could relate to. When we have relatives coming in for a visit it can be a bit hectic around the house. Especially if it is my wife’s mother.  Scrub, dust, and clean.

These are the sounds in the house when we are expecting visitors.  Especially the dusting part.

Everything has to get dusted;

Picture frames
Shelvesallerdust makes dusting easy
Stuff on shelves
Top of fridge
Chair rails
Window sills
Ceiling fans

The funny thing is Cheryl has always kept a clean house. Our house looks like people live there. She just goes into overdrive when people are coming over.  I think they are coming to see me, she thinks they are coming to see if she has been dusting.

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Q-Mask for Gardening

A few days ago, I wrote about our U2 Sports Mask and how popular it is with the ATV crowd.  I mentioned that it is made from the same material as our Q-Mask, then I got to thinking that you might not be familiar with the Q-Mask. Wear the Q-Mask for gardening, vacuuming, cleaning, or sorting through old books and papers.

Q-Mask Repels Particles

The Q-Mask  is a very lightweight, reusable mask that you can use around the house when you are cleaning, vacuuming, or otherwise stirring up dust.  The filtering medium is designed to actually repel particles, so it doesn’t clog up.  It also doesn’t restrict your airflow while you breathe and it isn’t hot. It is pleated, so it provides a large filtering surface area in a compact space.

Won’t Fog Up!

Because I wear glasses, I like the way the mask conforms to the nose and cheeks so my glasses won’t fog up.  So many masks cause your glasses to fog up when you wear them.

Q-Mask for Mold and Dust

I first used the mask when I was helping hubby out on job sites.  As you may know, we owned an indoor environmental company that did air duct cleaning and mold remediation.  The Allergy Store started out as a sideline from that business!  Anyway, there were times that we needed extra hands to finish a job on-time and I provided those extra hands.  Depending on the job, we might be knocking down drywall and cleaning up after a demo necessitated by mold or just performing a routine air duct cleaning.  Either way, you need protection against the mold spores and other particles while you work.  I previously wore masks made by 3M but they were very hot, made it hard to breathe, and would fog up my glasses.  When we first tested the Q-mask, I knew we had a winner.


The Q-mask will stop particles as small as molds and in addition it stops pollens too.  Since we sold Absolute Environmental in 2006, I don’t need a mask for work but I still like to garden.  When mold and pollen counts are high the Q-Mask stops the particles so I can still be outside without triggering an allergic reaction.

Q-Mask for Cleaning

We used to sell the 3M mask each year to a teacher that would use it to clean up her classroom at the start of each year.  I sold her a Q-Mask several years ago and now I don’t see her anymore.  The good news for her is that the mask lasts for years and years so she doesn’t need to replace it.  The bad news for me is I don’t get to see her every year before school starts.  Maybe I shouldn’t be saying these good things about Q-Masks!


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