How Do You Feel About Dusting?

A customer sent me a link to a rather interesting blog post about how men and women have different points of view about dusting.

While I don’t agree that men think writing notes on a dusty table is a good idea, he did make a few other good points I could relate to. When we have relatives coming in for a visit it can be a bit hectic around the house. Especially if it is my wife’s mother.  Scrub, dust, and clean.

These are the sounds in the house when we are expecting visitors.  Especially the dusting part.

Everything has to get dusted;

Picture frames
Shelvesallerdust makes dusting easy
Stuff on shelves
Top of fridge
Chair rails
Window sills
Ceiling fans

The funny thing is Cheryl has always kept a clean house. Our house looks like people live there. She just goes into overdrive when people are coming over.  I think they are coming to see me, she thinks they are coming to see if she has been dusting.

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