Allergy Control Product for Seasonal Allergy – Part 2

Last time, we talked about what you can do to help control your exposure to the pollen that causes your seasonal allergy.

To recap, arm yourself with pollen forecasts.  Protect yourself from pollen in the air by wearing a mask when you must be out on high pollen count days.  Be careful not the spread the pollen that collects in your hair and clothes throughout the house.  You can read the full post at Allergy Control Products for Seasonal Allergy – part 1.

There are other things you can do to reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms.  More and more physicians are singing the praises of nasal irrigation for a variety of reasons.   As it relates to a seasonal allergy, by gently rinsing the nasal passages and sinus areas with a sterile, moisturizing saline solution you can actually remove inhaled pollen particles. Remember, allergy control is all about reducing exposure.

Neti pots have their roots in ancient India. Dr. Oz made them popular in the United States when he appeared on the Oprah show to talk about them.  But, neti pots can be messy. There are single-use squirt bottles to use for nasal irrigation, but that application gets kind of expensive if the pollen season lasts very long.

SinuAir makes an “easy squeeze” bottle that is good for about 80 uses.  If you are looking for something more economical than the single-use bottle, the Nasal Wash System might be easier on the wallet.  It is also much more portable and discreet than a neti-pot or one of the electric pulsating nasal irrigation systems.

Also, be aware that pets will bring pollen into the home just the way you bring it in on your hair.  For this reason, if possible keep pets inside when pollen counts are high.  Understanding that Fido will need to go out for “comfort breaks” and exercise, use the same precautions for bringing your pet inside that you use for yourself.

After prolonged exposure to pollen, bring the pet inside the bathroom and brush its fur.  For your own protection, you might want to wear a mask during this process.  Of course, if you and your pet are crazy enough you could shower together and remove pollen from the both of you at the same time!

Seriously, pet fur can spread pollen all over your home and it is important to be mindful of this.  If you are allergic to your pet, you probably have some Allerpet hanging around the house.  After you brush the pet to remove loose pollen, rub the animal with the Allerpet solution.  The same ingredients that make it work for pet allergies also make it great for pollen.  Your pet will be pollen-free and have a beautiful coat to boot!

Also, keep in mind that your bottle of ADMS Dust Mite Spray is also an all-purpose denaturing agent.  This means that if the cat runs in and jumps on the couch before you can Allerpet it….don’t sweat it!  Just give the couch a light mist of ADMS denaturing spray and the pollen proteins will be neutralized.

When deciding when you should go outside, keep in mind that the pollen that causes problems are generally spread through the air.  That means staying inside on windy days.

Also, when it rains, any airborne pollens are knocked down and stuck by moisture to the first surface they hit.  That means they aren’t flying in the wind and are easily inhaled.  So, walking the dog right after rainfall will allow both you and your pet to get outside and enjoy the mild weather without picking up as much pollen on your hair (or fur) and clothes.

Just another idea or two on using allergy control products for seasonal allergies.

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Best Allergy Control Products for Travel

I’ve written about traveling with allergies many times, but with so many people traveling for the holiday season, I think it bears covering again.  So here is our list of the best allergy control products for travel.

If you have environmental allergies and will be staying in a hotel or someone’s home then there are really two products you must take with you.   Not only are they they best allergy control products for travel, but they will work for multiple environmental allergies.

The first is made by Alkaline Labs.  It is the ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray.  If you don’t want to travel with the whole quart bottle, pour some into a smaller spray bottle and put it in your suitcase.  When you arrive, spray the bed, carpets, draperies, etc with this spray.  When I stay in a hotel, I even spray the forced air system with this product.

It will work to neutralize the allergy-causing proteins from dust mites, pollens, cats, dogs, molds, cockroaches and all the other common environmental allergens.  All it takes is a light mist to neutralize those allergens on contact.  Because it works on so many allergens, I think it is the best allergy control product on the market if you are limited in what you can pack.

The second item you should pack is an inexpensive zippered pillow cover.  Take this with you and put on the pillow that you will use to place your head upon.  Unless you know you are staying at a hotel or house with a king size bed, take a queen size pillow cover with you.  Most hotels and homes use either queen or standard size pillows.

If you take a standard cover and are faced with queen pillows, you are in trouble. If you take a queen pillow cover and end up with standard size pillows, it will still work.  Since you aren’t going to be using this cover for the rest of your life, I recommend buying one of the less expensive fabrics, like the Bed Bug zippered cover.  That way if you forget to take it off your pillow before you leave, you won’t be heartbroken about the expense.

Traveling can be stressful, the holiday times can be stressful if you let them. Don’t stress over your allergies, just be prepared.

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Must Have Allergy Control Products

After taking an extended trip, I have come to the conclusion that:

  •  There really is no place like home
  •  There really are some must-have allergy control products.  These are the allergy control products I just can’t do without.
Must-Have Allergy Control Product #1 Allergen Wash

I was fortunate that one of the stops on my multi-state trip was my mother’s home.  I knew I could depend on her to have a bottle of Allergen Wash.  Not only could I wash out all the dust, dirt, and grime but I could get rid of the allergens also.

You might not think of allergens in the laundry, but on this extended road trip, I didn’t get many opportunities to do laundry and I knew that my clothing was collecting pollens because some of it was damp (did I mention that this trip included spending an afternoon hauling the contents of a Budget moving truck up a flight of stairs in 100-degree weather?) it was ripe for molds and dust mites.  It was great to see Mom and it was great to see her washer and dryer and that bottle of Allergen Wash.

Must-Have Allergy Control Product #2 Allergy Bedding

It was also nice to sleep on a bed that was completely protected in zippered dust mite-proof mattress covers and pillow covers.  Of the many places I slept on this trip, only two of them were places where the beds were completely covered.

It makes such a difference in how I feel in the morning when I get up.  Covers = Cheryl which is a bright ray of sunshine.  No Covers = Cheryl that can’t see straight, can’t think straight, and is a growly, crabby bear.  I don’t try to hide it…I know how I am!

Must-Have Allergy Control Product #3 – ADMS Spray

This brings me to the third allergy control product I can’t live without……my bottle of ADMS Spray.

The ADMS Spray is a lifesaver when you are going to be staying where you can’t control your environment.

As I have written before, a quick spray on the air conditioner, bedding, and carpeting and most hotel rooms can have a drastic reduction in the level of allergens waiting to greet you.  I didn’t have a room that gave me problems on the entire trip!

It is certainly good to see the countryside, but it is even better to be home.  In your own bed.  In your own bedroom that has no carpeting.  With your Austin Air HealthMate humming you softly to sleep.

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