Must Have Allergy Control Products

After taking an extended trip, I have come to the conclusion that:

  •  There really is no place like home
  •  There really are some must-have allergy control products.  These are the allergy control products I just can’t do without.
Must-Have Allergy Control Product #1 Allergen Wash

I was fortunate that one of the stops on my multi-state trip was my mother’s home.  I knew I could depend on her to have a bottle of Allergen Wash.  Not only could I wash out all the dust, dirt, and grime but I could get rid of the allergens also.

You might not think of allergens in the laundry, but on this extended road trip, I didn’t get many opportunities to do laundry and I knew that my clothing was collecting pollens because some of it was damp (did I mention that this trip included spending an afternoon hauling the contents of a Budget moving truck up a flight of stairs in 100-degree weather?) it was ripe for molds and dust mites.  It was great to see Mom and it was great to see her washer and dryer and that bottle of Allergen Wash.

Must-Have Allergy Control Product #2 Allergy Bedding

It was also nice to sleep on a bed that was completely protected in zippered dust mite-proof mattress covers and pillow covers.  Of the many places I slept on this trip, only two of them were places where the beds were completely covered.

It makes such a difference in how I feel in the morning when I get up.  Covers = Cheryl which is a bright ray of sunshine.  No Covers = Cheryl that can’t see straight, can’t think straight, and is a growly, crabby bear.  I don’t try to hide it…I know how I am!

Must-Have Allergy Control Product #3 – ADMS Spray

This brings me to the third allergy control product I can’t live without……my bottle of ADMS Spray.

The ADMS Spray is a lifesaver when you are going to be staying where you can’t control your environment.

As I have written before, a quick spray on the air conditioner, bedding, and carpeting and most hotel rooms can have a drastic reduction in the level of allergens waiting to greet you.  I didn’t have a room that gave me problems on the entire trip!

It is certainly good to see the countryside, but it is even better to be home.  In your own bed.  In your own bedroom that has no carpeting.  With your Austin Air HealthMate humming you softly to sleep.

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