Check Out the Oddest Places You’ll Find Bed Bugs

When you think bed bugs, the first thing you think is “Ewwwwww”.  You probably think they are found in beds; that those beds are in hotels; and you would never stay in one of those hotels.  People find these disgusting bugs all over. Here are some of the weirdest places they’ve been found.

In the Bedroom

They are called bed bugs because they like beds.  They also like other spots in the bedroom.

bed bugs found in alarm clocksAlarm Clocks. Bed bugs have been found inside alarm clocks sitting on nightstands next to the bed.  It’s dark; it’s warm; it’s close to the bed and the food source.  It’s heaven and there are have quite a few reports of people finding bed bugs in alarm clocks.

Picture Frames.  These guys crawl away to hide during the day. If they can’t find a spot on the floor they just head up the wall.  The first good hiding spot they may find is a picture frame. People find bed bugs hiding behind pictures and in picture frames.

In the Laundry

They don’t wear clothes, but they love laundry.  It’s a great place to hide.

Laundry Baskets.  Lots of folks find them in their laundry baskets.  It can be full or empty.  These laundry baskets are usually kept in the bedroom. The little buggers crawl in to hide.  Keep the laundry basket out of the bedroom.

Public Laundry.  Laundry baskets end up at the Laundromat and bed bed bugs are found in coin operated laundromatsbugs come along for the ride.  My son’s wife took the oversized comforter to wash at a coin laundry.  She brought it home damp but before it went in the home dryer she checked it out. She found bedbugs.  That freshly laundered comforter immediately went outside into the trash.  The entire basement was treated.   If you wash at a laundromat; check everything carefully before heading home.

Other Odd Places for Bed Bugs

Bedbugs have been found in curtain hems.  Exterminators say this is pretty common in the bedroom. Drapes are close to the ground and make an awesome hiding place.  Who looks in curtain hems?

scared man no attrib

Pity the management at  AMC Empire 25 in Times Square.  That theater has been hit twice with bed bugs.  If you are watching a creepy movie and feel your skin crawl, it might be the movie theater.  Ewwww

Best Defense

The best defense is to stop them before they get started.

Found a bed bug in a weird place? Comment below!

Why Did Your Bed Bug Treatment Fail?

If you have ever had to deal with bed bugs or know someone who has, you know how bad it can get. You do everything you were told to do but the bugs just won’t go away. Why?
use mattress covers for bed bug treatment
We had some send us this great article and we thought you may want to read it when you get the chance.  It is titled “4 Reasons Your Bed Bug Treatment Failed” 

  1. You did not kill all of them or get rid of the eggs. Bed bugs will hide in the smallest of cracks and while they are there lay eggs. They also will move around the house.
  2. The wrong treatment was used. Bed bugs are already becoming resistant to some pesticides. One problem is you won’t know that until after it is done.
  3.  You weren’t persistent enough. You have to be tougher than the bed bugs. You have to be relentless in your bed bug treatment and not let your guard down.
  4.  You didn’t apply preventative measures. The best offense is a better defense. Keep bed bugs out of their favorite hiding place in the first place. Make sure you cover the beds with bed bug-proof mattress covers. Make sure they are bed bug proof and not just bed bug resistant.

There is no easy answer or treatment for bed bugs. Bed bug treatment should be considered a war.  But is a war that can be won.  It just might take more than one battle.

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How Do Bed Bug Covers Work? Do They Work?

How do bed bug covers work and do bed bug covers really protect you from bed bugs?  I just wrote a quick article about these questions. You can read it at How Do Bed Bug Covers Work and Will They Keep Them Out Of My Home?

keep the bed bugs out of your bed with bed bug coversSeem like we are getting this question a lot more now days. I had one customer that wanted me to promise her that if she covered her bed that it would keep the rest of her apartment safe. Had to tell her “Sorry can’t do”.  Even if you have your mattress, box spring and pillows covered it will not stop them from moving in. They won’t be in your mattress but they will still be other places.  The will hide in behind baseboards, in the slots where the bed rails attach to the headboard and footboard.  But we will promise you that you won’t get bed bugs in your mattress.  The rest of the apartment is up to you.

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