Why Did Your Bed Bug Treatment Fail?

If you have ever had to deal with bed bugs or know someone who has, you know how bad it can get. You do everything you were told to do but the bugs just won’t go away. Why?
use mattress covers for bed bug treatment
We had some send us this great article and we thought you may want to read it when you get the chance.  It is titled “4 Reasons Your Bed Bug Treatment Failed” 

  1. You did not kill all of them or get rid of the eggs. Bed bugs will hide in the smallest of cracks and while they are there lay eggs. They also will move around the house.
  2. The wrong treatment was used. Bed bugs are already becoming resistant to some pesticides. One problem is you won’t know that until after it is done.
  3.  You weren’t persistent enough. You have to be tougher than the bed bugs. You have to be relentless in your bed bug treatment and not let your guard down.
  4.  You didn’t apply preventative measures. The best offense is a better defense. Keep bed bugs out of their favorite hiding place in the first place. Make sure you cover the beds with bed bug-proof mattress covers. Make sure they are bed bug proof and not just bed bug resistant.

There is no easy answer or treatment for bed bugs. Bed bug treatment should be considered a war.  But is a war that can be won.  It just might take more than one battle.

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