Air Pollution and Asthma … Bad Air Affects Us All

air pollution and asthma are relatedFor years the EPA has been saying the air inside our homes and offices can be more polluted than the air outside the front door.

This is very true because of how tight our homes are engineered to save money.  Then factor in all the various household chemicals we use day to day, and you can see we can have indoor air pollution as well as outdoors.

Whether inside or outside, air pollution and asthma are not a match made in heaven.

People with asthma need to be aware of all the “stuff” outside in the air that can hurt them. Man-made air pollution comes from cars, trucks, industries, and other sources of burning fuels.

During the summer months when it is very hot, lots of sunlight and low winds create something called a smog cloud. In some places like LA, it literally looks like fog. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear something about the ozone level or layer.

In our local newspaper, we have an ozone chart that shows what the ozone level for the day will be. In South Florida, most days are good or mild. We have the ocean breeze that keeps the ozone levels down.

No matter where you live, it is important that you monitor your daily ozone levels. People with asthma need to stay in air-conditioned spaces when the ozone levels are high.  Ozone is the major reason that air pollution and asthma don’t play well together.

FYI… If someone tries to sell you an air purifier that they say stops harmful ozone and hangs around your neck .. RUN…

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