Allergy Control Products for Allergy Control

One of our customers was just told she had allergies to dust mites, pollen, weeds, and grass and she wanted to know what allergy control products were the best ones for her. She sorta thought there was just one product that would do the trick.

Unfortunately, there is not just one allergy control product to fix her problem but that does not mean she needs to go out and buy all allergy control products under the sun.

These was my recommendations:

  • Do a deep cleaning of her house. Top to bottom. Wear a dust mask while doing it or hire someone to do the cleaning.
  • Put dust mite covers on her mattress, pillows, and box springs. I also suggested she put one on her comforter.
  • Wash her sheets weekly in hot water or use a product like De-mite or Allergen Wash. No need to wash the rest of her clothes with it.
    Keep her windows closed at home and in the car.
  • Change clothes when she gets home. Wash or brush her hair before going to bed to get the pollen out.
  • Keep notes of what is working, when she feels better, and when she doesn’t.
  • Stay in touch with her allergist.

For many of our customers, these simple steps work pretty well for them and don’t cost too much.

The dust mite covers are the most expensive item and good ones last for many years.

If she is better, but not quite getting the relief she needs,  I will suggest she use the Allersearch ADS or ADMS allergy control products on the furniture and maybe an air cleaner for the bedroom.

Allergies are no fun but they can be controlled.

Wishing you the best of health
Mike Krause – Serving our customers since 1989
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