Allergy Mattress Covers and Mattress Covers Are Different

There are mattress covers and then there are allergy mattress covers . What is the difference?

A mattress cover is designed to protect the mattress from spills, soil, sweat and the oils from your skin that can come through the sheets.  The regular mattress cover is on the bed to protect the mattress from you.

The allergy mattress cover is on the bed to protect you from all the allergens that collect in your mattress.

The traditional mattress cover may be made of cotton or some sort of cotton blend. Some are zippered and others fitted. Sometimes, people will even put a vinyl cover on the mattress to give water-proof protection.  Great for the mattress, not so great for the person trying to sleep on the mattress. Vinyl makes noise when the you move move or shifts and because water vapor can build up under the cover it makes for very hot  sleeping. Read rest of article on allergy mattress covers. 



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