Already Suffering From Spring Allergies – Eat Yogurt

Got Allergies? Try Eating Some Yogurt
Got Allergies? Try Eating Some Yogurt

According to an article in the Huffington Post, if your spring allergies are making you suffer try eating a container or two of probiotic yogurt a day.

Probiotics, or “good bacteria,” may be helpful to people with seasonal allergies, a new review suggests.

Researchers believe that in our sterile modern world, probiotics can encourage the production of antibodies in babies and children that can protect them from allergies later in life.

Researchers analyzed the results from more than 20 previous studies and found that hay fever sufferers may get some benefits from using probiotics, improving their symptoms and quality of life.

The review shows promise, but one of the reasons the researchers can’t yet recommend probiotics to treat seasonal allergies is because the studies used different probiotic strains and different study groups.