An Allerpet is a Soft Pet – Allerpet C for Cats

Our daughter was hosting guests in our home this past week.

Several of the guests have allergies to cats, and we have several cats.  But, we weren’t concerned because if there is something we know at The Allergy Store, it is how to take care of pet allergies!  It starts with Allerpet C for Cats and a little cleaning.

Cleaning the Bedroom

About 3 days before their arrival, we attacked the guest bedrooms that would be in use. We thoroughly washed all bedding in Allergen Wash, vacuumed the floor with a HEPA filtered Miele vacuum, turned the Austin Air HealthMate on high, and closed the door so no more kitties could visit that room.

Cleaning the Living Areas

We sprayed the upholstered furniture in the family room with ADMS Anti Allergen Spray and then rounded up the kitties one by one and began applying Allerpet C for Cats .  The cats haven’t had an application of Allerpet since the last visit by an allergic guest (that was some time ago) and the sight of the bottle didn’t spook them.

We used the two-person approach, one person holds the kitty still and calm and the other rubs the cat with the Allerpet C for Cats solution saturated cloth.  All went well.

Allerpet C for Cats Leaves Coat Soft and Shiny

Later, my daughter was petting one of the cats and she mentioned how soft its fur felt.  We get so caught up in the anti-allergy properties that we forget that it is a great coat conditioner.

So, allergic guests or not, I see more Allerpet/c in our cats’ future to keep them soft and shiny.


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