Bedbugs Invading Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Bedbugs continue to be a big problem and it seems like they are getting worse. An article by Jen Wieczner is all about how hospitals and nursing homes are now having to deal with them. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. People from all over are being admitted to hospitals and the staff is busy checking you temperature, blood pressure blood pressure info and other vitals and they are not looking at your clothes to see if you are bringing in bed bugs.

The good news is bed bug bites don’t cause infections. The bad news is they itch, you scratch and now you have an open wound that some germ already in the hospital can get to you. This is one reason we tell our customers how important it is to keep an eye out for them when you travel and why you should use a mattress cover that keeps bed bugs out of your bed.

Read her complete article – Bedbugs Invade Hospitals

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