Getting Relief from Fall Seasonal Allergy

We all know it is not practical to stay inside constantly during the fall seasonal allergy time of year. Right now, the weather is turning cooler; and it is just too nice to say cooped up inside. Face it, if you go outside or if your doors or windows are open, you are going to be exposed to the fall seasonal allergy causing pollens. 

If you want to reduce your symptoms, you are going to have to reduce your exposure to fall seasonal allergy pollens.  These are mainly the ragweeds.

After pollen exposure, take a shower and wash your hair to remove the pollens that are on the outside of your body.  Then perform nasal irrigation to get rid of the pollens that have adhered to the inside of your nasal and sinus passages.  Many people use some type nasal sinus irrigation systems because studies show it works. (Read Complete Article)

We carry the the SinuPulse Elite® which is a revolutionary nasal irrigation system with patented technology that makes it the only device capable of delivering both an atomized pulsating mist spray and a pulsating cleansing irrigation. The one thing we really like about it is it is a drug free way of dealing with seasonal allergies and sinus problems that come with them. Our customers have been very happy with this unit and we think you will too.

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