Allergies and Dust during the Holidays

The other day my daughter and I were taking the Christmas decorations down from the attic and she just started sneezing and got all stopped up. Had to stop working for a while and take her Claritin.  Seems like holidays can inadvertently bring allergies and dust together.

I hadn’t even thought about it until I read an article in the St. Petersburg Times -Dusty decorations, Christmas trees, and cold weather can touch off allergies, asthma and it reminded me that we all need to be careful, especially those with allergies and/or asthma when digging through stuff we have stored.

So many times those stored items have dust.  Allergies and dust don’t go well together.

Before you just grab that box off the top shelf in the closet you may want to take a look on top. It doesn’t take much time for a layer of dust to build up. Plain household dust can have mold, pollen, dirt, dander, and a few other allergens that can cause your allergies to flare up. If the boxes are coming down from the attic they can also have some fiberglass mixed in. Nasty stuff.  You might want to wear a mask like the QMask to protect yourself.

Funny how much dust settles on stuff you only touch every 12 months or so.

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