Pets Need Allergy Relief Too!

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone purchasing products for their allergies and finding out that their pets get relief from their allergies too!  Pets need allergy relief too.

Carol writes, “I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I love De-mite.  In fact, I just placed an order, and I purchased the liter size of De-mite.  We purchased an Austin Air Cleaner a month ago, and we absolutely love it.  I have allergies as do our cats.  I have noticed that since we have been running the Austin Air Purifier, we are all doing much better.

 Thanks so much for offering such wonderful products, providing great savings offers, and for providing excellent customer service!

I am a pet owner and I am guilty of treating my pets just like family members. So I know what she means. If my cats or birds aren’t feeling well, I worry.  So, I am thrilled to hear that her cats are benefiting from the changes she made in her environment.  Just because they are pets doesn’t mean that they can’t have chronic health problems as well.  You know you need allergy relief.  Why shouldn’t your pets need allergy relief as well.

Its the kind of good news that just keeps you going!

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Allergy Control Products for Seasonal Allergy

When you think of allergy control products for seasonal allergies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your antihistamine or your rescue inhaler.  However, with judicious use of avoidance tactics and some other allergy control products, you may reduce your dependence on these medications.

Now, no one is advocating that you toss your prescription medications in the trash or tossing out your inhaler. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any changes in your allergy control program before you make them.

That being said, wouldn’t it be great to make it through the season without that darned ragweed ruining everything?  So here are a few things you can do that won’t cost a dime.  First, start visiting Pollen.Com on a regular basis to get your pollen forecast. They even have a mobile app for your smart phone! Plan your outdoor activities according to when pollen counts are expected to be low.  Also, on those beautiful clear windy days, stay indoors and keep the doors and windows shut.  Those are the prime times for pollens to be released.  The opposite is true.  Rainy and damp days are the best to be outside and right after a rain shower, airborne pollens will be at their lowest levels.

When it comes to allergy control products, if you are allergic to pollen, a mask is your best line of defense. If your job or personal activities require you to be outside during high pollen counts, protect yourself by wearing a mask.  The Q-Mask is a perfect lightweight mask for protecting against pollen and it can be washed and used again and again.

The same indoor/outdoor rules go for your pet.  Pets can carry loads of pollen on their fur and when they come inside, they spread it all about the house. This turns your pollen-free home into the great outdoors!  If your pet must be outside on those high pollen count days, then groom them with Allerpet as soon as they come inside.  The same solution that works to break down pet allergen works on pollen as well.


Speaking of pollen removal, when you come inside, change your clothes and wash your hair. That will get the pollen off of you.  Don’t change clothes in the bedroom!  That will just spread the pollen over the place in which you are going to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. Bad idea!

If you have a HEPA air cleaner like an Austin Air or an Alen Air, be sure that you keep them running.  By following these simple tips you may have a more comfortable seasonal allergy season.

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Don’t Let Your Pet be A Statistic Control Cat Allergy

The Santa Barbara Independent reports that the number 2 reason that cats are turned into shelters nationwide is  “allergies”.  They cite the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy as their source and say that the number one reason is “too many cats”, which sounds like a momma cat had kittens.

You can read the entire article here.  These cats lose their home because people don’t know how to control cat allergies.

It’s a shame.  Because allergies are cumulative, there are probably many other factors besides just the cat that caused the uncontrolled allergy.  The allergic person is probably allergic to dust mites, pollen, mold, or other household allergens.  The Humane Society reports that almost 1/3 of Americans live with a cat to which they are allergic.  Those are cat lovers that have learned to control cat allergies.

I believe it.  We help people every day live with pet allergy and their pets.  By simply keeping Miss Kitty out of the bedroom, you can greatly reduce your exposure to her allergens.  Weekly application of Allerpet/C is an easy way to reduce the allergens in the cat.

Allerpet is a great coat conditioner as well, so in addition to reducing allergens, it makes the fur soft and shiny.  It is not a cat allergy shampoo or a cat allergy spray, it is a liquid that is easy to apply with minimal indignity suffered by the cat.

Also, by running a HEPA air cleaner, you can reduce the level of all household allergens, including airborne pet allergens.  Same for frequently vacuuming or cleaning floors and dusting the furniture with damp cloths.  All of these steps help reduce allergens in the house, whether from pets or dust mites and as a result help you control cat allergy and dust mite allergies.

I’ll never forget when a friend asked me after a visit “Why do your house and air feel so clean?”  I just had to laugh and say “That’s because it is”.

I run multiple Austin Air HealthMates, a have no carpeting, and I don’t have lots of overstuffed furniture.  I do have lots of surfaces that are easy to wipe down and I don’t keep many dust catchers on the shelves.  It keeps down the allergens and housecleaning is pretty simple.  And face it, if something is easy, you are more likely to do it.  Right?

So, like peace, just give the kitty a chance.
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