Don’t Let Your Pet be A Statistic Control Cat Allergy

The Santa Barbara Independent reports that the number 2 reason that cats are turned into shelters nationwide is  “allergies”.  They cite the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy as their source and say that the number one reason is “too many cats”, which sounds like a momma cat had kittens.

You can read the entire article here.  These cats lose their home because people don’t know how to control cat allergies.

It’s a shame.  Because allergies are cumulative, there are probably many other factors besides just the cat that caused the uncontrolled allergy.  The allergic person is probably allergic to dust mites, pollen, mold, or other household allergens.  The Humane Society reports that almost 1/3 of Americans live with a cat to which they are allergic.  Those are cat lovers that have learned to control cat allergies.

I believe it.  We help people every day live with pet allergy and their pets.  By simply keeping Miss Kitty out of the bedroom, you can greatly reduce your exposure to her allergens.  Weekly application of Allerpet/C is an easy way to reduce the allergens in the cat.

Allerpet is a great coat conditioner as well, so in addition to reducing allergens, it makes the fur soft and shiny.  It is not a cat allergy shampoo or a cat allergy spray, it is a liquid that is easy to apply with minimal indignity suffered by the cat.

Also, by running a HEPA air cleaner, you can reduce the level of all household allergens, including airborne pet allergens.  Same for frequently vacuuming or cleaning floors and dusting the furniture with damp cloths.  All of these steps help reduce allergens in the house, whether from pets or dust mites and as a result help you control cat allergy and dust mite allergies.

I’ll never forget when a friend asked me after a visit “Why do your house and air feel so clean?”  I just had to laugh and say “That’s because it is”.

I run multiple Austin Air HealthMates, a have no carpeting, and I don’t have lots of overstuffed furniture.  I do have lots of surfaces that are easy to wipe down and I don’t keep many dust catchers on the shelves.  It keeps down the allergens and housecleaning is pretty simple.  And face it, if something is easy, you are more likely to do it.  Right?

So, like peace, just give the kitty a chance.
Til Next Time!

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