Pets to Prevent Pet Allergy?

It might seem totally against conventional wisdom, but there is research to indicate that if you want to protect your children against allergy, the best thing to do is get them a pet in the first year of life. Read the full study here.  Yes, you can prevent pet allergy by getting your newborn a pet.

That’s right, get a pet in the first year of life to prevent pet allergy!

The Journal of Clinical Allergy and Immunology reports a study that showed that the risk for developing allergies decreased when a dog was in the home during the first year of life. The study took place in Wisconsin and covered a representative demographic of the community.  The allergies studied were not just environmental allergy but food allergy as well.  Odd as it may seem, Ubu prevents food allergy in addition to pet allergy.  Sit Ubu Sit!  Good Dog!

However, the window of opportunity was small.  The dog had to present from birth and the first year of life.

So, don’t let fear of allergies keep you from having a pet and a newborn.  Of course, use common sense.  Don’t leave the baby unattended with a pet and you certainly don’t want the pet licking all over the baby.  That’s just ewwww. Also, supervise baby when it interacts with the pet. No one likes having their tail or fur pulled.

If you are past that one year window and still want a dog, we suggest washing the dog at least monthly in the Pet Plus Shampoo.

If you get a cat, rub it weekly with the Allerpet/C solution to gently denature the allergens and remove any loose fur.  If you didn’t catch my blogpost with the pictures of the cat after the Allerpet, see it here.  That Allerpet was one shiny cat.

Til Next Time!

Allerpet for Dogs Too!

I love catching up with old friends.  Sometimes you can go weeks and even months without seeing one of these valued friends and then “pop” there they are you and pick up like you never left off.

I had a great lunch a few days ago with a couple of those special friends.  While we were chatting, one friend asked me about the blog post where I discussed the Allerpet for Cats.  I assured her that I had not done the Photoshop treatment for the picture of my cat. Yes, the cat really was my cat and yes it really was that shiny.  She wanted to know if they made Allerpet for dogs.

allerpet for dogs and cats

Seems that her beloved beagle causes her to be uncomfortable from time to time.  She noticed that when the dog is freshly washed, she has no reaction.  But, if the dog goes long without a bath, then the itchy, watery eyes and discomfort return.  Knowing what I know about pet allergens, that makes perfect sense.

See, the protein that causes the allergic reaction is found in the saliva and urine of the dog. Every time the dog licks or urinates, a bit of this sticks to the skin and fur.  It then dries up and can either flake off on its own and become airborne or it is shed with that piece of skin or fur, which then becomes airborne.

Once it is in the air, it is inhaled and triggers the reaction.  When the dog is first washed, all loose skin and fur are removed and the dried saliva is washed away.  However, it builds up quickly.

So yes, they do make Allerpet for dogs.  It is called  Allerpet/D for dogs.  Not only will it gently denature that allergen, but it will make the dog as soft and shiny as my cat.

She is going to stop by The Allergy Store to pick up a bottle.  I’ll ask her to take a beagle pic and post that one too.

Stay tuned!



Allerpet is A Soft, Shiny Pet, Part II

A few days ago, I related how we were applying Allerpet in preparation for houseguests that were allergic to our cats.
The visit went purrrfectly.  No cat allergy problems!  The guests were comfortable, the cats were comfortable, and both were even able to sit comfortably in the same room.
As I previously posted, the Allerpet did its job in neutralizing the cat allergen and it also did its job in allerpet removes pet allergen and make your cat shineconditioning the cats fur. It also made the cats very shiny.
As you can see from this picture, the neighbors are going to need their sunglasses when this allergy-free cat strolls by.